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World’s Richest Marine Life in Raja Ampat, West Papua

Underwater photographer, Sterling Zumbrunn of Conservation International, takes you to one of his favor marine destinations, Raja Ampat, Indonesia. Explore the rich marine biodiversity with someone who knows this underwater world inside and out.


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The Megalithic Culture of Sumba, Lesser Sunda Islands, East of Bali

A documentary movie about the people of the Indonesian island of Sumba, and the work of the Sumba Foundation to provide a better life for them. Sumba is an island in the Lesser Sunda Island archipelago, East of Bali in Indonesia.  Sumba has one of the last remaining megalithic traditions that has survived through generations past to the modern times, creating a truly remarkable meshing of old and new into what Sumba is today.  Her natural setting adds to the allure of Sumba, an island unlike any in the vast Indonesian archipelago.

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Wanna Enjoy San Diego? Get Wet!



San Diego and the Ocean! A match made in heaven! America’s “Finest City” (that’s actually her official motto, that it rightfully deserves) is the epitome of a Californian Lifestyle, where everything is centered around the beach. You will be spoiled for choice of the myriad of options available to you to enjoy San Diego and its glorious weather. Continue reading

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