Green & Chic, a slew of latest eco-chic hotels from across the globe

By Dian Hasan | June 9, 2009

img_0814_8jari-565x376_www.made widhana.comIt seems just like yesterday when any “green product” was associated with birkenstock-wearing hippies clad in hemp. Remotely removed from anything fashionable, let alone hip or chic. But with the rising awareness of eco-friendliness, the world’s creative force has taken notice and the cool, hip and chic factors are trickling in – slowly but surely. Here’s a look at some latest green hotels that beg to differ from the traditional perception. Green & Chic can be a good pairing.


WHAT: Cocoon Hotel
WHERE: Salvador de Bahia, Brazil
WHY IT’S GREEN: Generous use of Bamboo in interior design and flooring.

A new dimension, a new concept of space, a new way to enjoy and experience a boutique hotel in the heart of Salvador the Bahia. Cocoon hotel philosophy relay on the joint between minimalism and future and the culture of the marvelous Bahia.cocoon-pool
The futuristic materials merge with the tradition and the culture creating a fusion that found a perfect balance between architecture and nature, modern and ethnicity, in between future and tradition.

cocoon-extCocoon hotel resemble a space ship landed on a bamboo forest whose elements have perfectly integrate with the forest and the environment. A spacious bright and white veranda is hold up by the bamboo walls of the rooms at the first floor give access to those on the second floor. Cocoon hotel will allow you to discover a new dimension and a new way to live the hotel! cocoon-roomEach piece in the furnishing of the room and the hotel, such as sofa bed, couches and projected light reflects the concept of the Cocoon hotel: high tech and traditions merge creating a unique environment. The unique 27 rooms creates a more intimate and private atmosphere and they are all equipped with every comfort: silk sheets, silent air condition, frigobar, 2 queen size beds, and PA sound system linked to the lounge. Each bathroom is filled with natural light coming from the oversized glass windows.    


WHAT: Adrère Amellal 
WHERE: Cairo, Egypt
WHY IT’S GREEN: No telephone, no air-con, natural ventilation taking advantage of desert mountain setting, indigenous natural building materials, furniture sculptured from clay, generous use of candles, organic produce.

adrere-amella-4Lost in the middle of desert, about an eight-hour drive from Cairo, the hotel Adrère Amellal is a treasure, an ode to Berber traditions. Unusual and timeless, this hotel is a paper chase, a palace where the visitor loses himself in the shadowed paths while he goes to sunny terraces or to reading spots dug in the rocks. So, it is not surprising that the Adrère Amellal is the very first green hotel in Egyt. To get there, let you drive by the guide and don’t loose him because the hotel has no address!adrere-amella-6Entirely built in karshif, a mix of stone, salt water and clay, the hotel leans back on the «White Mountain», a hillock of limestone which stands as a local attraction. Amazing, the Adrère Amellal is a kind of small Berber village crossed by desert winds and protected by the Siwa oasis. Its 40 open-air rooms give you the opportunity to marvel at the first rays of the sun’s light and fall asleep while counting stars.adrere-amella-3Don’t fear of the heat if you go there in the middle of summer, the hotel is ventilated by desert wind all night long and shadowed by the rocks during the day. The lighting is made by candles and the nearest phone is at 15km from there, authenticity lovers will adore this! PPGreenHero_a_1_Siwa EgyptFurniture is sculpted in clay with beautiful white pillows for your comfort. This journey will give you the opportunity to isolate yourself from the world and to discover the benefits of countryside.adrere-amella-8


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    • endangerededen

      Hi SEO, thanks for finding our blog. Stay posted for more findings of amazing eco hotels and resorts from across the globe. Best Regards, dian

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