Green & Chic ~ Maia, Seychelles, Indian Ocean

By Dian Hasan | June 10, 2009

Maia Seychelles_pic4_largeDeep in the heart of the Seychelles lies a place of physical, mental and spiritual awakening, a place of rediscovery and relaxation. This place is Maia.Featuring 30 exceptionally designed villas, each with unique views that are usually reserved for only our wildest dreams. Maia stands head and shoulders above others in terms of pure luxury and relaxation.
Maia Seychelles_pic35_largeMaia Seychelles_pic13_large
Maia Seychelles_pic1_large
Maia offers a range of state-of-the-art treatment techniques and transforming products, everything is exclusively La Prairie. The food on offer is determined by personal preference and is developed using the finest fresh ingredients available.
Maia Seychelles_pic9_large
To top Maia off, each villa has there own personal butler to cater for your every need. Maia is a true luxury destination, and a must for those wishing to forget about the sometimes relentless city life, and focus on friends and family.
Maia Seychelles_pic34_largeMaia Seychelles_pic3_largeMaia Seychelles_pic46_largeMaia Seychelles_pic39_large


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