Green & Chic ~ Wolwedans Game Reserve, Namibia, Africa (Part 1)

By Dian Hasan | June 10, 2009

Wolvedans Namibia_3869304There are unique travel destinations with beautiful landscapes, and then there are ones with stunning landscapes that require superlatives to describe it. Wolwedans is such place.  

The Wolwedans Game Reserve in Namibia, is one of the rare places on Earth where anyone in the world would gladly spend time, if not there entire life. With awe inspiring landscapes, and a natural abundance of beauty that Africa is renowned for, Wolwedans offers a select range of lodges spread across this dream-like setting.

Wolvedans Namibia_boulderscamp02_1024x768First established by local businessman Albi Brückner in the mid-eighties,  who acquired several farms, and then took down all their fences to create this expansive wilderness reserve. His main vision was to create a nature reserve and conserve the natural environment and the animals that inhabited it. With Albi`s younger son Stephen taking charge, Wolwedans was transformed into a luxury game reserve, supporting conservation and providing employment opportunities in the local area.

Wolvedans Namibia_boulderscamp04_1024x768Wolwedans is more than just a collection of camps – it’s ethos lies in setting an example in responsible tourism, the empowerment of its employees and its commitment to the conservation of NamibRand Nature Reserve (park fees alone, collected on behalf of the nature reserve exceeded NAD 1 million in 2007).

Wolvedans Namibia_boulderscamp06_1024x768

For the time being, there are no plans for any new camps at Wolwedans. It was decided that while the opportunity for development was huge, we would cap tourism development, and have committed to allowing 1000 hectares of nature for every bed at Wolwedans. To maintain growth, the time has come to scout for opportunities outside of the Reserve.

Wolvedans Namibia_boulderscamp07_1024x768

One of these projects that got off the ground in 2006 is the Namibian Institute of Culinary Education (NICE) situated in Windhoek. Offering a first class restaurant and stylish bar, the Institute is a ‘living classroom’ training aspiring chefs to polish their skills and further their careers in the hospitality industry. It has been a very welcome addition to the Windhoek social scene!

Wolvedans Namibia_dunecamp06_1024x768

Our vision and commitment to Wolwedans, and the development of Namibia and its people still drives us forward today. Wolwedans was not only designed for profit, but mainly to make an important contribution to the local economy, to provide opportunities for those who would otherwise have had none, and to help conserve one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

Wolvedans Namibia_duneslodge02_1024x768Wolvedans Namibia_boulderscamp09_1024x768Wolvedans Namibia_boulderscamp01_1024x768


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