Eco Rustic ~ Nirvana Laut Resort, Karimun Jawa, Central Java, Indonesia

Nirvana Laut_Karimun Java_coral_reefThe moment you set foot on Nirvana Laut Private Island Resort and observe the lush green rainforest overhanging the wide open beaches, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to find this place. Very few places in Indonesia can match such harmony with nature. Karimun Jawa is an archipelago of 69 islands in the Java Sea, Indonesia, approximately 80 kilometers Northwest of the coastal city of Jepara, just outside the state capital of Central Java province, Semarang.
Nirvana Laut_Karimun Java_karimun-jawa north of semerang
Nirwana Laut_Karimun Jawa_3588317338_86996a390bNirwana Laut_Karimun Jawa_3588317904_6a470b9e4f
Unlike Bali and other destinations, Karimun Jawa offers you the perfect mix of nature with luxury. Our staff here specialize in giving you that personal touch that other commercial resorts can not.
Nirwana Laut_Karimun Jawa_3588318000_82514b9e0d
The virgin beaches along the 27 islands in the group are home to 64 different types of coral reef, 290 species of coral fish, 7 species of kima (giant clam), 3 species of turtles and other marine biota, including sponges, soft coral, and anemone. Making this one of Indonesia’s most pristine diving destinations.
Nirwana Laut_Karimun Jawa_master suite
You will be met by a choice of accommodation types including self catering and a choice of rooms such as our cosey Joglo (traditional Javanese house) rooms or ocean view Suites, or the Superior Master Suite with 180º ocean views from your bed.
Nirwana Laut_Karimun Jawa_3588314038_86730bb400Nirwana Laut_Karimun Jawa_DSCF1046Nirwana Laut_Karimun Jawa_DSCF0114Nirwana Laut_Karimun Jawa_DSCF1082



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3 responses to “Eco Rustic ~ Nirvana Laut Resort, Karimun Jawa, Central Java, Indonesia

  1. feel free to visit karimunjawa islands website for further information about karimunjawa islands, such as where to stay, how to get there, and much more. And get WOW of the amazing pictures of Karimunjawa islands.


  2. Paul Dubus

    From july 26th to 31st, we would like to go to Karimun Jawa (9 persons). Please give me some details about your rates and activities you provide in there.
    Do you arrange the transport from semarang?

    Thank you
    Paul Dubus

    • endangerededen

      Dear Paul, I just found your email. I am SOOO sorry for not responding sooner. I actually just blogged about a few Karimun Jawa hotels, and have no direct contact with the hotels. I would’ve had to have contacted the hotel on your behalf before your visit. I hope you managed to find a hotel. Pls let me know how it went. Merci bien! Best regards, dian (san diego). Email:

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