Eco Rustic ~ Baja Camp, Baja California, Mexico

baja-camp-1327-mIn today’s hectic, overcrowded world, many people are coming to the conclusion that the true luxuries in life are space, time and a simple, stress-free lifestyle. If this is your philosophy, then Baja Camp will appeal.

A few hours from the busy Capes, the virtually uninhabited island of Espiritu Santo is home to the most luxurious of camp-hotels. Five safari-style tents lie on a pristine beach, with a maximum of ten people at any one time to share the starkly beautiful landscape, the spectacularly clear ocean and the breathtaking night sky. Add to this some of the finest cuisine you’ll find anywhere on the Baja peninsula and the most genuine warm hospitality and the result is close to perfection.

baja-camp-03Your host, Andrea Tamagnini, stocks the camp with the best risotto rice from his native Italy, the freshest seafood (often caught just feet from the kitchen) and some good chilled wines or iced margaritas (from the solar-powered freezer). Evening menus may include scallop carpaccio, chocolate clams, delicately flavored seafood pasta or flambéed bananas. Not the usual camping fare!

Days at Baja Camp are filled with boat excursions to snorkel with the resident sea lions, kayak in coves of transparent water, or hike across the rugged island. First class fishing and diving can be arranged too if required (these are some of the few amenities not included in the rates).
More relaxing pursuits include wallowing in the cool ocean, spotting colorful fish even without snorkeling equipment, and just relaxing on a secluded beach. Not surprisingly, older children love the sense of adventure here (the camp is suitable for kids aged 7 or over) and many young visitors rate Baja Camp their best ever vacation.

Source: Different World


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