Eco Rustic ~ Eco Paraiso Xixim, Yucatan, Mexico

Eco-Paraiso-XiximThe Yucatan peninsula is so rich in archaeological treasures and natural wonders that visitors who don’t venture far from the beach seriously miss out. On the other hand, those who shun the Caribbean’s busy resorts in search of the real cultural highlights run the risk of overheating as they pursue a demanding schedule of cities and ruins (especially if they have children in tow).
Eco Paraiso Xixim is the perfect antidote to both scenarios; a beach resort that is tranquil, ecologically sound, children-friendly, and close to some of the most spectacular attractions in the country.

Eco Paraiso_Xixim_Yucatan, Celestun, Biosphere Ria Celestun, Pink Flamingos 1 - Photo by Eco Paraiso XiximEco Paraiso_Xixim_celestun
Located at one of the most fascinating Mexican biological reserves, nestled on a 3 mile virgin beach, Hotel Eco Paraiso offers spacious attractively furnished bungalows, each overlooking the emerald green Gulf of Mexico.

Eco Paraiso_Xixim_bungalows-of-eco-paraisoDesigned and constructed with consideration to the environment, the small hotel sits on an untouched, natural beach, within a plantation of malayan dwarf coconut palms, using a mere one percent of the 62-acre property. Consisting of 15 thatch-roof bungalows overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, Eco Paraiso focuses heavily on recycling, environmental education and beneficial construction and gardens. Utilizing solar panels to heat the pool and purchase all-natural products as often as possible.

Eco Paraiso_Xixim_bungalows-with-terraceJust one of the resort’s expertly led excursions will make a visit here unforgettable. The early morning tour of the flamingo’s nesting grounds, mangrove swamps and petrified forest is impossible to appreciate on a day trip from Mérida. And where else can you spend the evening exploring the mangroves in search of crocodiles?

Eco Paraiso_Xixim_the-beach-of-eco-paraisoEco Paraiso_Xixim_eco-paraiso-beachThe beach is certainly a secondary attraction here, but it is refreshing to return to after a sightseeing trip and great for a morning’s relaxation when you’ve had enough driving and walking. You’ll never find the sands crowded and there isn’t a beach bar in sight – this stretch of coast is (for the moment) blissfully unspoiled.

Surprisingly for such a remote location, the accommodations at Eco Paraiso Xixim are very comfortable and luxuriously spacious. The resort’s Club House offers good food and some useful entertainment for children (billiards, ping pong and a TV and video lounge).

Most guests retire early and rise with the sun since early mornings are the best time for sightseeing. Ask about the nightlife and you are more likely to be shown a nature book than a list of bars. But if night clubs and big resorts aren’t your scene, Eco Paraiso Xixim could well be your seaside paradise.


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