Eco Rustic ~ El Sanctuario Retreat Center, Loreto, Baja California, Mexico

El Sanctuario Eco Retreat_BC_MX_2261598869_aa679aba7cFew places in the world can boast such beauty and diversity as Baja California in Northwestern Mexico. From organ pipe cacti to gray whales, ancient rock paintings to small fishing villages, and desert mountains to the diverse sea of Cortez, Baja provides an unforgettable international travel experience. Exploring by kayak is one of the best ways to appreciate the natural beauty and get personal with this stunning landscape. And then there is the equally rugged accommodation, El Santuario Retreat Center that offers a unique experience of rest, healing, and exploration on a serene sandy cove where the Baja desert meets the Sea of Cortez.

El Sanctuario Eco Retreat_BC_MX_Baja-JGI-04-161-web
Set your clock to natures time, be free of demands, judgments and expectations and discover a profoundly rewarding and healing experience. Experience simple living by the sea at El Santuario. Enjoy the surrounding sandy dunes and vast sea from your intimate cottage on the beach.
El Sanctuario Eco Retreat_BC_MX_kayaking to Danzante Island_ about 2 miles from El Sanctuario_2262367924_c3ae0df314
El Sanctuario Eco Retreat_BC_MX_view-from-the-kitchenEl Sanctuario Eco Retreat_BC_MX_boat-at-anchor-in-ensenada
Accommodation comes in individual secluded bungalows called “Casitas”. Some are nestled privately in the white sand dunes while others overlook the beach and the beautiful hidden bay of Ensenada Blanca. Kick back in your hammock, relax, and watch nature slowly revolve around you. Each Casita comes with either a queen bed or two single beds, and is separated from all other structures, offering privacy. Operating the water heater is an interesting experience. Water is heated by propane in a holding tank next to the shower; when you’re ready to take a shower, you open a valve and fill a large water bottle that hangs above the shower, then use that water to shower with.
El Sanctuario Eco Retreat_BC_MX_2261553457_77c898980bEl Sanctuario Eco Retreat_BC_MX_2262388384_b411a2875f
Like all of the facilities, the casitas are environmentally sensitive. Don’t expect to find plugs for hairdryers or curling irons in the casitas, the lights however, do work, as the resort’s energy is powered by solar panels. There are no telephones, faxes, or computers to interrupt natures perfect energy flow, however, in the case of an emergency there is a cell phone and internet access is nearby.
El Sanctuario Eco Retreat_BC_MX_DSCF1837El Sanctuario Eco Retreat_BC_MX_2261551575_6bb0e09a8d
Local indigenous materials were used for most of the construction of the kitchen and dining area as well as the living quarters. Here food is prepared for you by a local Mexican cook or you may cook your own meals at any time. All the food here is mainly organic and always fresh. A variety of local fresh seafood is always plentiful and locally grown fruits and vegetables will satisfy the most discerning vegetarian diet. You may even learn how to make tortillas and tamales!
El Sanctuario Eco Retreat_BC_MX_94721a39ce428f36c3ba320d6896ef7a_dcd

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