Green & Chic ~ Las Alamandas, Costalegre, Mexico

Las Alamandas_MX_3459940635_98ed86756fThe background story seems surreal – straight out a Roger Moore-era James Bond movie. Don Antenor Patino, the Bolivian tin magnate, plans a beachfront mega-resort, but does not live to complete it — so his granddaughter Isabel Goldsmith (English financier father, long story) takes over. In the interest of preserving the land (and the dolphins) so dear to her, she revises her grandfather’s plan and erects a tiny, exclusive resort, where a maximum of 28 guests have, at their disposal, 1500 acres of pristine beachfront land and close to 100 staff members.

las-alamandasIf there is one word in the above paragraph that sums up Las Alamandas, it is exclusive. Your fellow guests are quite possibly royalty, Hollywood or otherwise — but the resort’s seven villas are each so secluded that you would never know it. From time to time you may spy another traveler, perhaps half a mile down the beach, enjoying a private dinner. But the vastness of the grounds and the scarcity of the guests means the odds of an unwelcome intrusion, or merely a reminder that you are not the resort’s only guest, close to zero. Of course if close to zero is not close enough, you may rent the entire resort. Don’t laugh: it has been done.
Clearly, this is the ideal sort of place for a honeymoon or other romantic getaway. The location is stunning, and secluded, halfway between Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo, on Mexico’s Pacific coast. And as for the facilities themselves, it is no exaggeration to say that every possible luxury is accounted for, or can be arranged for on short notice. This is the sort of place that has its own private runway to accommodate Learjet landings.
Las Alamandas_2202115478_93fdc6e5c0Las Alamandas_2201320703_4098c99f5dLike so many of the finest things in this world, all of this excellence comes with only one drawback: the cost. Las Alamandas is not a budget resort. But how could it be? The world has enough mega-hotel complexes of the kind Don Patino envisioned — but there are few places as magical as Las Alamandas.


Photo: Las Alamandas

Las Alamandas_Costalegre_Manzanillo_MX_Shelley Metcalf_costa-allegre-table-l

Photo: Shelley Metcalf

Las Alamandas_Costalegre_Manzanillo_MX_Shelley Metcalf_costa-allegre-beach-l

Photo: Shelley Metcalf

Las Alamandas_Costalegre_Manzanillo_MX_Shelley Metcalf_costa-allegre-fountain-l

Photo: Shelley Metcalf


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