Sleek & Chic ~ La Purificadora, Puebla, Mexico

La Purificadora_Puebla_MX_www.designhotels.com_purity_hotel_200When discussing style and Mexico in one sentence, one name immediately comes to mind, and it’s not even from the rag trade. Grupo Habita, purveyor of stylish hotels that have put Mexico on the design map – one destination at a time. The latest addition to Habita’s brood of chic hotels comes La Purificadora, in the little colonial city of Puebla (on the road from Mexico City to Oaxaca) that is now firmly on the fashionistas travel radar.

La Purificadora_Puebla_MX_www.designhotels.com_lapurificadorads3_1La Purificadora_Puebla_MX_www.designhotels.com_lapurificadorads9_0La Purificadora_Puebla_MX_www.designhotels.com_0
This 19th-century water processing plant (hence the name) and bottling factory was redesigned by the famous Mexican modernist architect Ricardo Legorreta, the man behind Mexico City’s famous Camino Real hotel. It’s a departure from the style of his brightly colored mid-century masterpiece, but then again it’s not the middle of the century anymore — aside from some judiciously applied violets, La Purificadora is fairly austere, in blacks, whites, and natural wood and stone, with the exterior walls and some interior surfaces remaining untouched and unpainted.
La Purificadora_Puebla_MX_www.designhotels.com_5gLa Purificadora_Puebla_MX_www.designhotels.com_8gLa Purificadora_Puebla_MX_www.designhotels.com_10gLa Purificadora_Puebla_MX_www.designhotels.com_12g
La Purificadora’s twenty-six rooms are more welcoming, less stark, as they ought to be — comfort is key, and architectural heroics are limited to the occasional balcony or, in the case of the Royal bedroom, a room-length terrace. Other highlights include a 30-meter (not a typo) elevated glass-walled swimming pool, a restaurant with an outdoor patio, and an extensive wine cellar — more fun than water, any day.
La Purificadora_Puebla_MX_www.designhotels.com_lapurificadorads8_0La Purificadora_Puebla_MX_www.designhotels.com_tema_08_01b_3




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