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Green & Chic ~ Azucar, Monte Gordo, Veracruz, Mexico

Azucar_Veracruz_MX_azucar08_1192648905_864856Another polished jewel from the über-stylistic hands of Grupo Habita, the avant-garde team behind Mexico’s chicest hotels, Azucar is set against a backdrop of exotic jungle, blue lagoons and sugar plantations, 3-hours from Veracruz, in the quaint beach town of Monte Gordo, on Mexico’s Gulf coast.

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Why We Travel ~ Encapsulated in the Perfect Statement

By Dian Hasan | July 12, 2009

Traveling-to-the-SummitFor all the global nomads out there who have been bitten by the travel bug, I came across a statement in wordpress blogosphere that perfectly captures what drives us to travel, explore and discover!

Frank Sinatra sang: “Let’s take a boat to Bermuda/let’s take a plane to St. Paul/let’s get away from it all!”

To travel is to give into wanderlust — regardless of how you define it.

You may crave a wild adventure or simply want to admire mother nature from the serenity of a hammock. You may love the thrill of jumping on the subway in a gigantic city or instead dream of kayaking down a solitary river.

In other words, “Let’s leave our hut, dear/Get out of our rut, dear/Let’s get away from it all.”

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