Green & Chic ~ La Cocotera, La Barra de Santiago, El Salvador

La Cocotera_El Salvador_lacocoThe mere mention of the words ecotourism and Central America immediately conjures images of one place, Costa Rica, whose entire country brand is built on its “gentle approach” to tourism. An approach that may have been very progressive when Costa Rica began developing its modern tourism infrastructure a few decades ago, deliberately going against the grain, shunning high-rise and condo-strewn resorts and opting instead to maximize its natural assets. A strategy that has paid off handsomely, and one that other countries are emulating. Less-known El Salvador, Costa Rica’s neighbor to the south has one gem of an eco resort that borrows the same DNA of eco-responsible hotel development, La Cocotera Resort and Eco Lodge. Designed for those seeking the luxury of nature in its unspoiled state and tranquility.

La Cocotera_Barra de Santiago_El Salvador_18324860La Cocotera_El Salvador_2743270002_45325564ab_oLa Cocotera_El Salvador_turtlessand
La Cocotera is a picturesque an all-inclusive small eco resort in El Salvador designed for those who seek simple luxury and peaceful relaxation. A collection of charming thatch roof villas just steps from the beach. Inviting hammocks await urbanites seeking to escape the chaotic city life. Located in beautiful La Barra de Santiago, bordered by the warm Pacific Ocean on one side and a peaceful estuary on the other. An unspoiled coastline that has attracted serious surfers from across the world.  
La Cocotera_El Salvador_lacoco4La Cocotera_El Salvador_lacoco3La Cocotera_El Salvador_lacoco2La Cocotera_Barra de Santiago_El Salvador_kayak
Set amongst hundreds of coconut palm trees and lush mango trees, La Cocotera was built and designed by the local community with indigenous natural materials such as palm fronds, sustainable teak wood, plant vines, natural stone and hand woven fabrics. From the onset, the resort was planned carefully to minimize footprints on the existing topography, with structures built around trees, following the “green leaf” system utilized by the Certification for Sustainable Tourism (CST).
La Cocotera_Barra de Santiago_El Salvador_la coco bungalow1.JPGLa Cocotera_Barra de Santiago_El Salvador_bungalow-view-biker-1024x685La Cocotera_Barra de Santiago_El Salvador_16667020La Cocotera_Barra de Santiago_El Salvador_estuary02
Travelers who are more concerned about other species’ wellbeing, will be delighted to know about the Turtle Release Program for the Olive Ridley sea turtles that the resort sponsors. The opportunity to partake in releasing baby sea turtles back into the ocean is not to be missed!

The eco-friendly La Cocotera offers: 

  • Solar energy
  • Energy saving light bulbs/ kinesthetic power flashlights
  • Biological (not chemical) waste water recycling treatment plant
  • Environmentally safe products, shampoos and soaps
  • All cleaning products are environmentally safe
  • Recycling of plastics, paper and glass
  • Ionization pool filtration


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3 responses to “Green & Chic ~ La Cocotera, La Barra de Santiago, El Salvador

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  2. The turtle program looks amazing! what an activity.

    • endangerededen

      Yes, it’s your resort’s own program. I’m sure it’s a main draw for some travelers. Stay in touch. Rgds, dian

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