Eco Chic ~ Aire de Bardenas, Spain

By Dian Hasan | July 25, 2009

Aire de Banderas_ESP_aire_thumb2

It must be something in the Spanish water! As there’s a mushrooming of design hotels across Spain, with such progressive design language, it defies explanation or categorization. Something of a mystery really, and we don’t have the space to investigate the reasons (and don’t even get us started on the food), so we’ll have to be content merely to report on another worthy development: the Aire de Bardenas, set at the edge of a desert in the northern province of Navarre.

Aire de Banderas_ESP_aire11Aire de Banderas_ESP_aire16
You certainly couldn’t accuse this place of going the easy route. These prefab pods, hunkered down against the relentless Bardenas wind, don’t exactly scream out “rustic” or “charming” or any related hotel-industry descriptors. But if you’ve got a sense of adventure, building-wise, they are promising. And inside, they deliver: again, nothing “cozy” or “elegant,” just cleverly designed, functional, modern spaces, with simple contemporary furnishings. They’re designed around the windows, which provide otherworldly views of the wheat fields and the wind-scoured rocks, and which are possibly the most comfortable spaces in the rooms, complete with mini-mattresses and lounge pillows.
Aire de Banderas_ESP_aire15Aire de Banderas_ESP_aire13Aire de Banderas_ESP_aire14
This last bit makes Aire de Bardenas possibly the best hotel in the world for getting a bit of reading done. And of course there’s a little more than that: a restaurant serves typically inventive cuisine, heavy on local vegetables, and the surroundings are stunning, if unconventionally so, from the carved formations of the Bardenas Reales National Park to the dark subterranean charms of the region’s many wineries.
Aire de Banderas_ESP_aire1Aire de Banderas_ESP_aireallAire de Banderas_ESP_aire3Aire de Banderas_ESP_aire9Aire de Banderas_ESP_aire10Aire de Bardenas_ESP_aire12Aire de Banderas_ESP_aire4Aire de Banderas_ESP_aire13


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