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Reinventing a “new you” at Desa Seni, Village Resort, Bali

By Dian Hasan | July 28, 2009

Desa Seni_Canggu_Bali_desaseni-galleries7bWhat does it feel to live a close-to-authentic “kampung” (village) lifestyle on the the Isle of Gods of Bali? A unique resort in Bali has the answer.

The ocean breeze that kisses our faces in the Balé (Balinese open-air pavilion) feels like the Gods have descended to watch over as a group of obedient students increase their breathing to overcome the discomfort of holding the Yoga pose for the few remaining seconds.

The large wooden platform shaded by a large roof, overlooking a sea of waving green fields, mesmerize us on this brilliant morning at Desa Seni (Art Village in Indonesian) as we move through the poses of our Kundalini yoga class.

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