Sleek & Chic ~ The Elysian, Seminyak, Bali

By Dian Hasan | July 29, 2009

The Elysian_Seminyak_BALI_1.theelysiands1_3With a myriad of accommodation choices in Bali’s Seminyak enclave, an area renowned for luxe private villas and lifestyle restaurants and lounges, The Elysian Boutique Hotel & Spa offers a compact ambience, and its little surprise; The Elysian Spa.

The Elysian_Seminyak_BALI_11.theelysiands2_0The Elysian_Seminyak_BALI_9.theelysiands2_2The Elysian_Seminyak_BALI_theelysian
Elysian means paradise, an apt name for Bali, the Isle of Gods. Just minutes away from the beach and the hippest designer boutiques, cafés, restaurants and clubs, chic hideaway offers all the glamour, sumptuosness and style of a 6-star hotel – thik 24/7 villa service, restaurant, bar spa and a main swimming pool flanked by voguish cabanas. Lush!
The Elysian_Seminyak_BALI_4.theelysiands4_2
Each of the 26-villas comes with its own private pool and pre-loaded iPod linked to Bose SoundDock systems’. The perfect backdrop for poolside chilling with the latest mix of drinks and playlists. While resort-wide Wi-Fi Internet, in-villa butler service and a guest experience manager with the latest scoop of the area’s happenings.
The Elysian_Seminyak_BALI_5.theelysiands5_3
The Elysian is located just five minutes from a seductive beach and about 25 minutes from the airport. Tucked away in the central hub of glamorous Seminyak and its beachside surrounds, there’s always an international mix of celebrities and cosmopolitan jet-setters here to shop, party and indulge in all the wonderful things that Bali offers. The Elysian and Seminyak complement each other fabulously, both are hip, luxurious, fashionably chic, and full of gourmet eats and drinks that personify the island’s high-society milleu.
The Elysian_Seminyak_BALI_6.theelysiands7_3
The Elysian indulges you further under the experienced hands of the Balinese therapists at the Elysian Spa – a haven of lavish pleasures. After all the wining and dining, surfing and sailing around Bali leaves you knackered, make time to relax and pamper yourself at this decadently divine spa retreat.
The Elysian_BALI_T24415_SPA_01_J
Choose a private treatment in the comfort of your villa or stroll over to the alluring day spa for a variety of massages and wellness treatments: the authentic Balinese Massage, the Lomi-Lomi Massage and Reflexology, just to name a few. In addition to the prerequisite menu of grooming services like manicures, pedicures, facials and scrubs, that will leave you with a sense of bliss and tranquility.



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4 responses to “Sleek & Chic ~ The Elysian, Seminyak, Bali

  1. krupatel24

    wow that is really what luxury is all about. I love Bali-but i find not many travel agents cover it as a holiday destinantion; which i think is a shame! Actually heres a thought – why not not promote the places by reviewing it on – it’ll be great for the spa as it will give the exposure it deserves as well as a chance for you to get a review in … also there are competitions and great restaurant deals that you can take advantage off at thhe Gekko Blog. We would really appreciate your input. Thanks

    • endangerededen

      Hi Krupatel24, thank you for your positive comment. Glad you liked it. The Elysian is but a speck in the ocean of amazing hotels & resorts in Bali. And there really is no shortage of luxury properties on the amazing Isle of Gods, Bali. From small independent boutique resorts, to large scale international chain hotels, to private luxe villas. Stay in touch.

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  3. So I was just wondering how much about would a round trip 2 week vacation cost to stay at this place? Or is it like a house that you are supposed to buy because I can’t really tell. Is it even for sale? I think it looks like a nice place to stay or something.

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