Sleek & Chic ~ Hillside Su Hotel, Anatalya, Turkey

By Dian Hasan | August 12, 2009

Hillside Su Hotel_Antalya_TURKEY_hillsidesu._ds_4_0Hillside Su is a welcome departure to the often “been-there-done-that” type of hotel look, taking a decidedly avant-garde approach to design. Perfectly describing not just the hotel, but the city of Antalya as well — this south coast resort town clings to the cliffs above the Mediterranean, and it seems everyone’s got an elevated sea view. Most rooms have balconies facing the water, complete with day beds (turning them into night beds is – of course – your prerogative).

Hillside Su Hotel_Antalya_TURKEY_misc_02Hillside Su Hotel_Antalya_TURKEY_image_room_double_1Hillside Su Hotel_Antalya_TURKEY_hillsidesu.ds11_1Hillside Su Hotel_Antalya_TURKEY_hillsidesu._ds_4_0Hillside Su Hotel_Antalya_TURKEY_foto-hotel-Hillside-Su-Hotel-1Hillside Su Hotel_Antalya_TURKEY_AYT_HILL-publi-2
The view is far from the whole story, however; if anything, it’s the interiors that attract the most attention. By now it seems white-on-white has just about been done to death, but here somehow it’s fresh again; made new through sheer discipline (really very nearly everything in the place is pure bright white) and through clever lighting effects — a little colored light, in this monochrome environment, goes a long way.
Hillside Su Hotel_Antalya_TURKEY_hillsidesu.ds12_1Hillside Su Hotel_Antalya_TURKEY_hillsidesu.ds10_1Hillside Su Hotel_Antalya_TURKEY_1210986-fts3b_Hillside_Su_roomfts3b-Antalya_IliHillside Su Hotel_Antalya_TURKEY_1088422-Hillside_Su_Hotel-AntalyaHillside Su Hotel_Antalya_TURKEY_AYT_HILL-exter-1
Public spaces are no less visually rigorous: a restaurant that’s as purely red as the rooms are white, and a beach club that looks like the backdrop to a fashion shoot. The generous heapings of style, though, don’t seem to be putting anybody off — the Hillside Su seems pleasantly anti-elitist, full of families with kids as well as the expected ultra-hip party types. There’s no shortage of dining and drinking options, as well as a pool and spa complex, tennis and squash facilities, a business center and a kids’ club — it’s megahotel service with a boutique look.
Hillside Su Hotel_Antalya_TURKEY_040759EHillside Su Hotel_Antalya_TURKEY_AYT_HILL-pooli-1Hillside Su Hotel_Antalya_TURKEY_AYT_HILL-publi-1

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