Sleek & Chic ~ The Park, New Delhi, India

By Dian Hasan | August 12, 2009

The Park_New Delhi_INDIA_parknewdelhids11_0Arguably sleek architecture is not the first thing that would come to mind when one mentions India. Images of what to most travelers represents the word exotica, in the sights and sounds that make up India, with her ancient culture, amazing customs, down to the unique cuisine and silk saris and turbans, and a myriad of architectural wonders from centuries past, still standing in all her glory. Against such backdrop, The Park Hotel, is a welcome surprise for this regal capital city. Befitting the status as capital city of the country to watch, next to China. It is high time India had sleek hotels that would look at home at any major urban metropolis around the world.

The Park_New Delhi_INDIA_parknewdelhids9_1The Park_New Delhi_INDIA_parknewdelhids1_2
The Park, New Delhi, is situated in the heart of the city’s business and entertainment hub- Connaught Place. It overlooks the historic 18th century Jantar Mantar observatory. Any state related mementos you want to buy, you don’t have to go anywhere far, the state emporias are just a stone’s throw away from the Park.
The Park_New Delhi_INDIA_parknewdelhids3_2The Park_New Delhi_INDIA_parknewdelhids7_1
It is a very contemporary, stylish and A busy urban junction, its spacious banquet halls, restaurants, all buzz with activity throughout. The accommodations are models of refined luxury, personal touch and superior amenities and services. Public spaces and guest rooms are lined with handpicked contemporary art. A place to retire and recharge, it reflects the electric energy of the city.

Agni, is the most talked about and happening night club of the city.

Aqua, the poolside restaurant/bar is the perfect night out with your friends after a day’s hard work. It’s got just the right ambience with a matching music.

Aura, the Spa has recently been rated as amongst the top 10 spas of India.


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