Luna2, Seminyak, Bali ~ the perfect party house for the Hollywood set

By Dian Hasan | August 12, 2009

Luna2 Private Hotel_Seminyak_BALI_luna2_pic8Deliberately going in the opposite direction of Bali Villa Design. Luna2 is a modernist box that screams 1960s mod squad, and more akin to a Hollywood Hills or Palm Springs location than Seminyak, Bali. Luna2 and its immediate environs of Seminyak does, however, rank high on the hip quotient. Quietly Bali has been upping its accommodation offerings for years – climbing up the luxury ladder, into the ultra-luxe stratosphere. One telling sign is the advent of helipads in some of Bali’s most exquisite private villas and resorts. Ensuring that anytime Brangelina+Litter+Entourage are well accommodated next time they decide to drop anchor in the Isle of Gods, Bali.

Luna2 Private Hotel_Seminyak_BALI_02luna_ds_1luna2_header1Luna2_Bali_0808_CRNina-Choi_HeroLuna2 Private Hotel_Seminyak_BALI_08luna_ds_0
Seminyak is the Bali’s self-anointed ground zero for shopping, dining and lounging. Attracting a global audience for whom no one seemed to tell them about the current world-wide recession, or travel warnings that remain in place too long for most unseasoned travelers, but long enough for new restaurant, villa, boutique, and art gallery openings.
Luna2 Private Hotel_Seminyak_BALI_07luna_ds_0Luna2 Private Hotel_Seminyak_BALI_06luna_ds_1Luna2 Private Hotel_Seminyak_BALI_04luna_ds_0Luna2 Private Hotel_Seminyak_BALI_01luna_ds_1The Park_New Delhi_INDIA_parknewdelhids7_1



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4 responses to “Luna2, Seminyak, Bali ~ the perfect party house for the Hollywood set

  1. Carolyn

    Can you please tell me how many people this sleeps?

    • endangerededen

      Dear Carolyn, my apology for coming back to you so late. Better late than never I guess. Luna2 has 5 rooms (only to be rented as a whole). Hope that helped. Pls stay connected. Best regards, dian (san diego)

  2. Those photos make me wanna dive in! Anyway I have my mileage covering our trip to Bali 🙂 That was really awesome since finally we’d meet my sister’s fiance. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos.

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