Sleek & Chic in the Himalayas ~ Amankora, Bhutan

By Dian Hasan | August 12, 2009

Amankora_BHUTAN_Bhutan Luxury Holidays Amankora Gangtey

Amanresorts are nothing if not exclusive; relatively modest in size, if not in the scope of their comforts, they’re priced well out of the reach of the undiscerning traveler, and situated in locations that are highly desirable, yet less than obvious.

Aman’s expansion into the rarefied air of this tiny mountain kingdom, with its sumptuous Amankora, fits the pattern to a tee — Bhutan strictly limits the number of visitors admitted, and has taken great pains to avoid the everyman-backpacker fate that has befallen nearby Nepal, and to protect at all costs the pristine natural environment and ancient Bhutanese culture.

Amankora_BHUTAN_thimphuAmankora_BHUTAN_kora_pnk_suite_bath1_236Amankora_BHUTAN_kora_ext_detail2_236Amankora_BHUTAN_Bhutan Luxury Tours Amankora ThimpuAmankora_BHUTAN_Bhutan Luxury Tours Amankora GangteyAmankora_BHUTAN_Bhutan Luxury Tours Amankora BumthangAmankora_BHUTAN_Bhutan Luxury Tour Amankora Gangtey
Instead of a single hotel complex, Amankora is a slight departure. It’s a series of lodges, five at last count, spread across the valleys of central and western Bhutan — with locations near the towns of Paro and in the capital Thimphu, and the even more remote locales of Punakha, Gangtey and Bumthang.
Amankora_BHUTAN_Bhutan Luxury Tour Amankora BumthangAmankora_BHUTAN_Bhutan Luxury Holidays Amankora GangteyAmankora_BHUTAN_Bhutan Luxury Holidays Amankora BumthangAmankora_BHUTAN_Bhutan Luxury Holiday Amankora BumthangAmankora_BHUTAN_Bhutan Luuxry Holiday Amankora Gangtey
A tour of all five lodges can be arranged, but no single one stands out; each offers seclusion, spectacular views and a tranquil atmosphere, with interiors in the spare Eastern-contemporary Aman style and the same traditional Bhhutanese rammed-earth architecture. Accommodations are slightly more Spartan than the typical Aman resort — televisions and room service are notable in their absence — but the suites compensate with such charms as wood-burning stoves, palatial beds and luxurious terrazzo baths. Spa treatments are available at all the lodges, and all five are ideal home bases for a guided mountain trek or a jeep excursion.
Amankora_BHUTAN_B2 hutan Luxury Tour Amankora ThimpuAmankora_BHUTAN_amankora_500Amankora_BHUTAN_Amankora-Suite-Large-cf37d18d-16f0-4380-bf25-330943cc63c9Amankora_BHUTAN_amankora-l
One caveat: plan ahead regarding visa requirements. Bhutan’s quota system makes entry a bit complicated. Amanresorts recommends traveling via Bangkok, where their staff can sort out the visa details, eliminating any inconvenient surprises on the ground at Paro.Amankora_BHUTAN_AmanBhutan1


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  1. This summer I have planned to spend my summer holiday in Bhutan. Last year I went to Bhutan through Raven Tours and Travel Group and my trip to Bhutan was wonderful

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