Green & Chic ~ Let’s Sea Al Fresco Resort, Hua Hin, Thailand

By Dian Hasan | August 14, 2009

Let's Sea_Hua Hin_TH_lets_sea_hua_hin_al_fresco_resort_exterior2_hua_hin_thailand

When all else fails, what innovation do you bring to sustain your customers’ interest and ensure your product’s relevance? This seems to be the question that Thailand continues to ask itself in further developing its already fine offering of tourism products and services. And for Thailand’s hospitality industry, the answer seems to be DESIGN! And not just any design! One that has the unmistaken “WOW FACTOR”! A slew of new resort hotels – joined together in their common individuality and small boutique sizes – have popped up across the land of smiles. The hip Let’s Sea Al Fresco Resort in Hua Hin is one such contender. A chic resort that’s green at heart, going the distance to make “eco-chic” part of its philosophy!

Let's Sea_Hua Hin_TH_photo_martin nicholas kunz_lets_sea207mk_xLet's Sea_Hua Hin_TH_red_box_gallery__470x278Let's Sea_Hua Hin_TH_pack4Let's Sea_Hua Hin_TH_pack2
Let’s Sea Al Fresco Resort in Hua Hin combines unique romance, intuitive service and thoughtfully designed facilities to create a memorable yet accessible escape. Look forward to unparalleled style and relaxation on the gentle shores of the Gulf of Thailand.
Let's Sea_Hua Hin_TH_alfresco-1
By-gone Inspiration
Let’s Sea captures the quiet charm of Hua Hin. Long a favorite seasside destination, the town still retains much of its unassuming appeal. Architects Gaia and Agaligo referenced this and other chararacteristics of the Thai holiday lifestyle to create a unique resort environment along one of the most desirable and peaceful stretches of beach. Let’s Sea® enjoys a premier location midway between Hua Hin town and the distinctive Takieb Mountain with a wide foreshore and fine sand ideal for barefoot strolling.
Let's Sea_Hua Hin_TH_beach_front_pavillion_gallery__470x312Let's Sea_Hua Hin_TH_alfresco-7
Individual Charm
Let’s Sea 40 spacious retreats include unforgettable vantage points. In ‘Studio Piers’ on the first floor, guests can enjoy their own personal pier to access the canal-like swimming pool while staying in ‘Moon Deck Suite’ upstairs, guests have their own romantic moon deck as well as easy access to the swimming pool.
Let's Sea_Hua Hin_TH_photo_martin nicholas kunz_lets_sea203mk_x
Eco Chic Philosophy
Let’s Sea® Hua Hin Al Fresco Resort believes that holidaymakers never take a break from their concerns about global warming and the environment. The resort is therefore committed to being as ‘green’ as possible and stresses the need to think beyond minimizing daily laundering of towels.
Let's Sea_Hua Hin_TH_photo_martin nicholas kunz_lets_sea153mk_xLet's Sea_Hua Hin_TH_photo_martin nicholas kunz_lets_sea149mk_xLet's Sea_Hua Hin_TH_photo_martin nicholas kunz_lets_sea143mk_x
Management is leading the way by working onsite and remotely as opposed to maintaining a Bangkok head office for occasional use. ‘Green’ issues and education are also raised with staff who are then asked to practice what they learn at home.
Let's Sea_Hua Hin_TH_photo_martin nicholas kunz_lets_sea179mk_x
True to al fresco theme Let’s Sea® Hua Hin Al Fresco Resort makes it all possible (even an outdoor gym) with clever, energy saving design. The architecture takes advantage of the natural light and maximizes the air flow throughout the property. Double brick walls with no share walls between neighbors keep guest rooms cool. Landscaping also plays a vital role with tropical planting along walkways, between units and grass on rooftops. Where air conditioners are in use strict maintenance schedules ensure their efficiency.
Let's Sea_Hua Hin_TH_photo_martin nicholas kunz_lets_sea198mk_xLet's Sea_Hua Hin_TH_photo_martin nicholas kunz_lets_sea133mk_x
Food is as fresh as possible, not merely to savour exotic flavours but also to reduce the carbon footprint associated with transportation and freezing. The policy also limits waste as the resort buys what it needs when it needs it.
Let's Sea_Hua Hin_TH_photo_martin nicholas kunz_lets_sea127mk_xLet's Sea_Hua Hin_TH_photo_martin nicholas kunz_lets_sea109mk_x
Waste Management is critical throughout the property. Water bottles and in-room toiletries are non-branded to avoid superfluous packaging. After all Let’s Sea® is in the hospitality business not beverages. Instead you’ll find stylish ceramic toiletry holders that are continuously and hygienically refilled with naturally scented products. Newspapers are placed in the restaurant to facilitate communal use and a paper recycling policy is in place throughout the property.
Let's Sea_Hua Hin_TH_photo_martin nicholas kunz_lets_sea082mk_xLet's Sea_Hua Hin_TH_photo_martin nicholas kunz_lets_sea079mk_xLet's Sea_Hua Hin_TH_photo_martin nicholas kunz_lets_sea069mk_xLet's Sea_Hua Hin_TH_photo_martin nicholas kunz_lets_sea067mk_x
Transportation has also been a key consideration for the resort’s ‘green’ policy. Staff are encouraged to use company transfers to reduce individual vehicle emissions and a shuttle service is recommended to guests in place of individual taxis.
Let's Sea_Hua Hin_TH_photo_martin nicholas kunz_lets_sea049mk_xLet's Sea_Hua Hin_TH_photo_martin nicholas kunz_lets_sea043mk_xLet's Sea_Hua Hin_TH_photo_martin nicholas kunz_lets_sea036mk_xLet's Sea_Hua Hin_TH_photo_martin nicholas kunz_lets_sea031mk_x
Let’s Sea® Hua Hin Al Fresco Resort is also setting standards for its suppliers preferring to partner the more eco-friendly businesses. Eco-chic is more than what you see at Let’s Sea® Hua Hin Al Fresco Resort. What’s behind the scenes also matters.
Let's Sea_Hua Hin_TH_photo_martin nicholas kunz_lets_sea022mk_xLet's Sea_Hua Hin_TH_photo_martin nicholas kunz_lets_sea013mk_xLet's Sea_Hua Hin_TH_photo_martin nicholas kunz_lets_sea012mk_xLet's Sea_Hua Hin_TH_lets-sea
Beach holidays are for relaxation and a ‘holiday host’ is provided for each guest to ensure an effortless stay.

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