Sleek & Chic ~ Asara Villa & Suite, Hua Hin, Thailand

By Dian Hasan | August 14, 2009

Asara Villa & Suite_Hua Hin_TH_beach00_p1_resize

It seems that the toughest challenge in vacationing in Thailand, is choosing just the right resort that meets your taste. Thailand has been developing its modern tourism at a swift pace, and the approach of late has been to bring more personality into its hotels, a stark departure of big chain resorts that tend to be the same cookie cutter type. This new trend has introduced fascinating new resorts across the country, that mesmerize and surpass your expectation. One such place is Asara Villa & Suite in Hua Hin, Thailand.

Asara Villa & Suite_Hua Hin_TH_CD2_kampubychoice00_r_resizeAsara Villa & Suite_Hua Hin_TH_swimmingpool14_p1_resizeAsara Villa & Suites_Hua Hin_TH_asara_villa__suite_recreation_prachuab_kirikhan_thailandAsara Villa & Suites_Hua Hin_TH_Asara-Villa-630Asara Villa & Suites_Hua Hin_TH_Asara Villa
In the pool villas of Asara Villa & Suite, watching the sunset on a private swing, indulging in the luxurious Asara Spa, or swimming under the stars is all at your fingertips.
Asara Spa_Hua Hin_TH_spa1-1Asara Spa_Hua Hin_TH_spa4Asara Spa_Hua Hin_TH_spa2Asara Villa & Suites_Hua Hin_TH_4Asara Villa & Suites_Hua Hin_TH_1Asara Villa & Suites_Hua Hin_TH_OTHERS_108287_10
For maximum comfort and privacy in mind, Asara’s 400 sqm Presidential Villa is a grand 2-bedroom beachfront villa comprising 3 separate pavilions: the master suite, the guest suite, and an open-air leisure pavilion with a whirlpool and a steam sauna. Both suites feature an exotic outdoor garden rain-shower, adding to the sensual pleasure of the Asara experience.
Asara Villa & Suites_Hua Hin_TH_asara_villa_and_suite-overview1

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