Sleek & Chic ~ Putahracsa, Hua Hin, Thailand

Putahracsa_Hua Hin_TH_PutahracsaLocated on the eastern coastline of Hua Hin, Putahracsa makes its home on peaceful shores that fuses a quiet residential feel with chic urban living. Here guests can truly relax while the beaches and charming town complete the perfect escape.

Putahracsa_Hua Hin_TH_putahracsa_clip_image004Putahracsa_Hua Hin_TH_putahracsa_clip_image005Putahracsa_Hua Hin_TH_putahracsa_clip_image001
Today Putahracsa have tried to create not only a cubical room or property but include all the moods and feelings throughout the resort. Plus being pampered in the softness of our staffs, guests can witness the prettiness of Hua Hin.
Putahracsa_Hua Hin_TH_photos01Putahracsa_Hua Hin_TH_photos04Putahracsa_Hua Hin_TH_photos05Putahracsa_Hua Hin_TH_photos06Putahracsa_Hua Hin_TH_photos07Putahracsa_Hua Hin_TH_photos08Putahracsa_Hua Hin_TH_photos10Putahracsa_Hua Hin_TH_photos12Putahracsa_Hua Hin_TH_photos14Putahracsa_Hua Hin_TH_photos15
Feel as if it’s your own resort, Putahracsa is a hotel by design with unique stylish character, offers premium accommodation with friendly, professional service. The crèmede-la-crème here is the magnificently spacious La Canna Beachfront Pool Villa, with a private pool overlooking a sweeping beach vista, a perfect setting for sharing a chilled bottle of champagne.


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