Chic Spa Destinations ~ Huvafen Fushi, The Maldives

Huvafen Fushi_SPA_Maldives_under_water_spa_v2You are always in pursuit of a balance of mind and body that’s relaxing, invigorating, and refreshing. What better place to “recharge” yourself, than a Spa. When planning your spa retreat, why not opt for the ultimate spa holiday at an exceptional luxury resort at one of the world’s most unforgettable islands. Aquum Spa at Huvafen Fushi invites you to discover paradise for a true spa getaway.

The colors and textures of the sea have provided Huvafen Fushi with all of the necessary inspiration needed for the creation of Aquum Spa. Making a splash on the world spa scene with a combination of soothing architecture, cutting-edge spa technology and the very latest in water therapies, including the world’s first ever underwater spa treatment rooms. Yoga, fitness training and personalized programs help set guests on their journey to total wellness.
The soul of Aquum Spa is living authentic to nature, drawing upon the natural and restorative qualities of water. Our energy, like water, is fluid, relaxed and evolving. Aquum Spa offers spirited experiences with water to bring about lasting rejuvenation.
Stay at the Beach Pavilion with Private Pool for pure indulgence. With avant-garde design and a private beach, this spectacular villa is the perfect place to start for your great escape. Huvafen Fushi’s Beach Pavilion offers a master bedroom suite with glass floor views down to the infinity pool and the surrounding lagoon. It also offers an open-air shower, flourishing gardens, rainfall showers, and a lavish pool that touches the horizon.
Huvafen Fushi_SPA_Maldives_under_water_spa_v2Huvafen Fushi SPA_MALDIVES_huvafen-fushi-1-300x271



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2 responses to “Chic Spa Destinations ~ Huvafen Fushi, The Maldives

  1. This is a very relaxing place to visit and to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Great photos!

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