Ellerman House, Capetown, South Africa ~ a familiar face with a new atittude

Ellerman House_Capetown_ZA_cape-town-9-W05-fbAs more of the world discovers the natural beauty of Cape Town, putting her in a league of other gorgeous cities with similar assets like Sydney, San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro, Barcelona and Vancouver, her hotel scene is also put to a test. Luckily Cape Town has never experienced a shortage of luxury hotels. But rare is the degree of historical character on display at Ellerman House. It’s almost a century old now, and looks every bit as old as it is — which, in a business that’s increasingly obsessed with youthful looks and modern design, is a sure-fire way to distance yourself from the crowd.

Ellerman House_Capetown_ZA_ellerman_houseEllerman House_Capetown_ZA_sixfour_ellerman2Ellerman House_Capetown_ZA_ellerman-house-defaultEllerman House_Capetown_ZA_Ellerman-House---evening-view-of-Ellerman-House---Copy
No amount of designer furniture, anyway, could measure up to the sea view from Ellerman House’s hilltop vantage, and faced with the choice between a hip bar with a bouncer and a terrace restaurant with proper, professional service, we know which one we’d pick. Not to say the place looks old, by any means — it’s so well-kept you’ll think you’ve gone back a hundred years.
Ellerman House_Capetown_ZA_Ellerman House Cape Town 7Ellerman House_Capetown_ZA_cape-town-9-W05-fb
There are just 11 rooms, so it feels more like a manor-house getaway than a hotel per se, and despite their historical style they’ll compete with any modern hotel room on pure comfort. And if for some reason you’re of a mind to reject the old-world atmosphere of the place, they’ve got an answer for that as well: the Ellerman Villa, an architecturally modern three-bedroom house, which marries the location, views and service of the Ellerman House with a grown-up modern style that’s straight out of the architecture journals.



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2 responses to “Ellerman House, Capetown, South Africa ~ a familiar face with a new atittude

  1. chieqo

    beautiful place, beautiful interior design…

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