Eco Geometric in the Jungle ~ V Hotel, Yelapa, Mexico

By Dian Hasan | August 16, 2009

V Hotel_Yelapa_MX_mexico2

The hottest trend in hotel design today seems to stem for people’s inclination toward anything eco-friendly. Rustic lodges that don palapa or thatch roofs seem to be passé, so architects and designers are drumming up eco-conscious hotels and resorts that continue to make bolder design statements. And who said that geometric angular shapes are the exclusive domains of urban boutique hotels? V Hotel outside of Yelapa in Mexico, begs to differ.

V Hotel_Yelapa_MX_v_hotel_mexico3V Hotel_Yelapa_MX_1943246858_v44V Hotel_Yelapa_MX_v_hotel_mexico1
V Hotel is a stunning jungle retreat that defies the conventional quaint eco lodges that are mostly recreations of a tropical hut, and instead introduces clear geometric shapes that are more Van der Rohe than say Copolla’s Blanceaux Lodge in Belize. Located just outside of Yelapa fishing village in Mexico, this modern lodge was conceived by architect Heinz Legler, and the 5-acre area features an infinity pool, spa, restaurant, yoga hut and just 8 rooms.
V Hotel_Yelapa_MX_v_hotel_mexico4V Hotel_Yelapa_MX_v_hotel_mexico5
Part of the existing Verana Hotel, this new development is an expansion with the V-Houses, which are 5 units with 3 units for hotel staff, 2 for guests, a kitchen and a colorful shared bathroom. The V Houses are prefabricated modern dwellings made of steel, plywood and red corrugated iron roofs.
V Hotel_Yelapa_MX_2097928485_v133
Guests will enjoy the stunning views for sure by themselves and don’t mind about the windows. They most probably won’t even need them on this hideaway in tropical version of Mexican Paradise.
V Hotel_Yelapa_MX_1943246858_v44V Hotel_Yelapa_MX_tres casas 026V Hotel_Yelapa_MX_1978139567_v11
Each V-House, designed by Heinz Legler, is 16′x16′ with open sides to maintain views and air flow. This project was an experiment of sorts and is intended to house guests and seasonal hotel staff. Standing 18′ apart, the V-houses have basically no environmental impact or foot print and can be built on any surface condition.
V Hotel_Yelapa_MX_2105373072_v22V Hotel_Yelapa_MX_1875576525_-mg-6593a-300x450
Each house is self sufficient with solar integration, composting toilets and a grey water system that helps irrigate the surrounding garden. Prefabricated in Puerto Vallarta, the homes were delivered by boat and carried up the hill using no machinery or heavy duty equipment. The structures emerge from a small concrete foundation and are made out of steel, plywood and red corrugated iron.
V Hotel_Yelapa_MX_323143262_v66V Hotel_Yelapa_MX_1556742110_v33V Hotel_Yelapa_MX_188047676_-mg-6761a-528x352
The original design concept came from Jo Scheer who built his “hoochs” out of Bamboo and Douglas fir poles in Puerto Rico and Oregon. Legler has refined Scheer’s concept into a luxury tropical paradise. Verana has been so encouraged by the outcome that they are considering building more V-houses for their guests.


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15 responses to “Eco Geometric in the Jungle ~ V Hotel, Yelapa, Mexico

  1. Mantis

    Ohhhhhhhh. simple but very beautiful in the middle of the jungle.

    • endangerededen

      Hi Mantis, thanks for finding us. Glad you like it. I’ll continue to dig for more cool hotels across the world. ciao, dian

  2. Nice! The charm of Yelapa continues! I am curious if there is electricity in Yalapa? There did not used to be and that was part of the charm. I remember one year I was staying in a beautiful place in Yelapa and we had a huge rainstorm. We were walking with flashlights up a slick cobblestone road dodging bullfrogs (sapos), as they slid down the hill. It was quite a sight to remember!

    • endangerededen

      Hi Granny Pants, thank you for visiting my blog. The Verana & V Hotels has electricity of course, and I’m sure the little Yelapa fishing village has it too. Stay connected. Keep me posted if you have info about other cool hotels/resorts across the world, especially “green/eco types”. Thanks, dian

  3. chieqo

    what a great idea…

  4. cool design,we can play with more shapes.


    • endangerededen

      Hi Farshori, thanks for finding our blog. I’m always intrigued by hotels and resorts with unique architecture. Hope to find more. Let’s stay connected. And if you know of other great looking hotels from an design-perspective, let me know. ciao, dian

  5. Monica

    Wow, waking up to that view every morning would be heavenly. I think I might have to make a trip out there.

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  7. This is insane. I can live like this any time. Great idea.

    No mortgage, ohhh

  8. Wow beautiful design! this should be featured on the travel channel.

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