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Volcano Boarding, anyone? You’ll never guess where!

Cerro Negro_Volcano Boarding_NICARAGUA_cerro_negro5

Cerro Negro is a volcano in Nicaragua, about 10km from the village of Malpasillo. Cerro Negro is a very new volcano, the youngest one in Central America. This fresh magma landmark offers a sudden experience through a roughly 1,600- foot volcanic slope, having air-rushing trajectory previously occupied by you and your volcano board.

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Underwater Wonders ~ Kapoposang, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Kapoposang_GA Inflight Mag_photo Cipto Aji Gunawan_img_feat_marine2_agt2009

Kapoposang is one of the largest of the Spermonde Islands, around 70 km northwest of Makassar, South Sulawesi. Kapoposang covers an area of around 50,000 hectares and is inhabited by around 100 families. Several other islands, both inhabited and uninhabited, lie near Kapoposang. The larger ones include Papandangan, Kondongbali, Suranti and Tambakulu.

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Ride Le Lézard Rouge (The Red Lizard) for some breathtaking scenery in Tunisia

Le Lézard Rouge_The Red Lizard Train_www.wayfaring.com_TUNISIA_dsc01640.JPG

“Le Lézard Rouge (The Red Lizard train)” – is a century-old narrow-gauge railway whose red cars take passengers through the spectacular 9-mile long Selja Gorge, amidst walls of red rock which rise over 300 meters above the train. The Red Lizard is a 19th century French-built passenger train that runs through the red and pink rocks, split by canyons of Northern Africa’s Atlas Mountains in Tunisia.

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