Volcano Boarding, anyone? You’ll never guess where!

Cerro Negro_Volcano Boarding_NICARAGUA_cerro_negro5

Cerro Negro is a volcano in Nicaragua, about 10km from the village of Malpasillo. Cerro Negro is a very new volcano, the youngest one in Central America. This fresh magma landmark offers a sudden experience through a roughly 1,600- foot volcanic slope, having air-rushing trajectory previously occupied by you and your volcano board.

Cerro Negro_Volcano Boarding_NICARAGUA_cerro_negro2
Such an extreme sport is often notably at Cerro Negro. It’s hot, dusty, a little scary – and crazy enough to be fun. Cerro Negro is accessible from Leon, a colonial city historically emerged as a center of left-wing intellectualism that is about 15 miles southwest of the roughly 2,388-foot mountain (the height can vary from eruption to eruption, experts say). The city was once a Sandinista stronghold occupied by poets, revolutionaries and university students.
Cerro Negro_Volcano Boarding_NICARAGUA_cerro_negro3Cerro Negro_Volcano Boarding_NICARAGUA_cerro_negro6
Nowadays despite from its spectacular churches, bright-hued colonial architecture, Leon is becoming synonymous, at least among backpacking adventure-seekers, with volcano boarding. The picture shows boarders receiving instructions on how to balance, steer and control speed on the slope, which is 41 degrees at its steepest.
Cerro Negro_Volcano Boarding_NICARAGUA_cerro_negro1
With pebbles and dust flying everywhere, the ride is bumpy and the noise deafening. The whole run only takes a few minutes to descend.
Cerro Negro_Volcano Boarding_NICARAGUA_cerro_negro4
Volcano Boarding, isn’t exactly child’s play, it takes some practicing to do properly, but it’s irresistible, and everyone wants to give it a try. It’s a relatively cheap adventure and a novel challenge, with actual technique required and speeds recorded. The post-boarding mojito that Bigfoot throws in didn’t hurt either. Bigfoot Hostel runs boarding tours Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. The price is $28, including $5 park admission. Dorm rooms at the hostel cost $6 a night; there are also four double rooms for $13, and a room for four is $28.
Cerro Negro_Volcano Boarding_NICARAGUA_cerro_negro5
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