Green & Chic ~ Natural Retreats, Yorkshire Dales, UK

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It seems that nowadays everyone on the planet is going green, and every country – regardless of economic status – is doing its part to join in the “Green Revolution.” There’ll always be skeptics to whom all this green talk is just a new direction in our consumeristic ways, but what’s crystal clear is the awareness of taking better care of how we utilize the earth and its resources. Green buildings are a big part of this equation. One such company is UK-based Natural Retreats with its Green Lodges that are not only eco- & sustainably-responsible, but also impossibly chic and cool. Natural Retreats Yorkshire Dales.

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Green Technology

Sustainable design is fundamental to Natural Retreats’ development and we rigorously assess the design alternatives, building in ‘green technology’ features wherever possible, ensuring that they offer practical solutions, providing real benefit and are also cost effective.

  • Timber framed residences – made from sustainable woodlands
  • Minimal foundations – maintaining a living habitat beneath each residence
  • Evergreen sedum (living plant based) roof
  • Recycled insulation – made from recycled glass fibre and other recycled materials
  • Natural spring water – from our own spring used for drinking and showers
  • Biomass heating – in each residence using local wood
  • Super efficient dual rate boilers – providing supplementary heating and hot water
  • E Solar Glazing – maximizing solar heating and minimizing heat loss
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • 100% renewable energy sources
  • Low energy lighting
  • Klargester high performance natural sewage treatment system
  • Recyclable waste disposal bins and composting wormeries
  • Natural Retreats – Yorkshire Dales has attained Zero Carbon Status

Natural Retreats-Yorkshire Dales-UK-1212363151783Natural Retreats-Yorkshire Dales-UK-natural-retreats2Natural Retreats-Yorkshire Dales-UK-natural-retreats-holiday-02
Established in 1954, the Yorkshire Dales National Park is an area of truly outstanding natural beauty with a range of wildlife habitats and a rich cultural heritage. It’s a special place – a fantastic outdoor arena for recreation and peaceful relaxation and a haven for wildlife.
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Covering an area of 1,762 square kilometres (680 square miles), the Yorkshire Dales National Park is located in the north of England, and straddles the central Pennines in the counties of North Yorkshire and Cumbria.
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The Yorkshire Dales offers visitors a real taste of rural England and Natural Retreats has chosen to locate its residences close to the historic town of Richmond in North Yorkshire. Set within 54 acres of unspoilt countryside Natural Retreats Yorkshire Dales offers guests a chance to relax in tranquil surroundings whilst enjoying a host of leisure pursuits to suit every taste.
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The Site
On arriving at Natural Retreats Yorkshire Dales the attraction of this secluded site is immediately apparent. Set apart from the town of Richmond, which is only a beautiful stroll away along the coast to coast path, the rolling vistas form a picture perfect view of what the Yorkshire Dales represents in the minds of most people. Rich green hills, dense ancient forests cut through by the rivers and streams that so characterise this landscape. The perfect location for those wishing to enjoy a full holiday, or short weekend break in luxurious accommodation.
Natural Retreats-Yorkshire Dales-UK-gal-yd-3Natural Retreats-Yorkshire Dales-UK-gal-yd-2Natural Retreats-Yorkshire Dales-UK-gal-yd-1
Within the boundaries of the Natural Retreats site there is enough flora and fauna to satisfy the most enquiring of minds. Bordering numerous picturesque country walks and cycle tracks this secluded, tranquil setting is the perfect retreat for those wishing to relax and enjoy one of England’s great National Parks.


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