Green & Chic ~ Blancaneaux’s Hollywood Connection


Francis Ford Coppola had purchased an abandoned property in the remote highlands of western Cayo district, Belize. He opened Blancaneaux Lodge in 1993, without destroying the natural beauty in the process. The lodge cottages are private, with huge decks and mesh windows letting the night air circulate.

There are Italian and Guatemalan restaurants on site that serve veggies from the lodge’s organic garden and offer a diverse wine list. This lodge is one of the most unique magical in Belize.
Blancaneaux Lodge is surrounded by many caves, trails, rivers, Mayan ruins, waterfalls. With experienced guides you can walk in the steps of the ancient Mayans ruins, explore pristine rivers in a canoe, explore the rainforest on horseback or mountain bike.
The property is a two and a half hours drive from Belize International Airport or a 35 minute charter flight. Price rates start at $400 per night for two adults and two kids.


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