Baobab & Wet Volcanoes make a unique Eco-Lodge couple ~ Chile


When Chilean architect Rodrigo Verdugo ventured into the design of two Eco Loges in Chile’s Huilo Huilo Private Natural Reserve, he was set to take his imagination to new heights. While La Montaña Mágica (The Magic Mountain) Hotel was inspired by an erupting volcano, with cascading water replacing the fire and amber, the idea for the second lodge, Baobab Hotel was probably drawn from a bee-hive, or a snail’s shell.

While the structure may resemble something out a fairy tale, the rooms and amenities are anything but. Promising all the modern comforts of an eco-lodge from which you could venture out and enjoy the beautiful outdoors in Chile’s leading nature reserves.

Source: Unique Travel Destinations


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2 responses to “Baobab & Wet Volcanoes make a unique Eco-Lodge couple ~ Chile

  1. This ecolodge looks amazing! I really really need to visit this place. How awesome would it be to dine up in the trees like that? 🙂

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