The last dragons roaming the earth ~ Komodo Island, Indonesia


The mere mention of the name Komodo, sends shivers down people’s spines. Especially those who know what we’re referring to. A type of giant monitor lizard (Varanus Komodoensis) that lives exclusively on a little island by the same name, east of Bali, Indonesia.  More commonly known as Komodo Dragon, its habitat was declared a natural sanctuary protective area and the Indonesian Government established The Komodo National Park (KNP) in 1980 to ensure this unique species’ survival.

Komodo bay
KNP has now been named as a nominee of the Seven New
Wonders of Nature

Some interesting facts that you’ve probably never heard about regarding Komodo and its “prehistoric” non-human occupants:

  • Home to  roughly 2,400 komodo dragons, the greatest lizard in the world.
  • KNP comprises the islands of Rinca, Padar and Komodo.
  • KNP has a total size of 173,300
  • UNESCO declared  KNP as a World Heritage in 1986.
  • Other than Komodo habitat, KNP also offers excellent marine tourism, especially diving and snorkeling.
  • There you can find also komodo dragon’s preys, e.g. wild buffalos, wild boars, deer, and maleo birds which are indigenous to Komodo Island.
  • Juvenile Komodos live on the trees, like other small lizards. Hatchlings, the little dragons emerge from the nest and immediately scramble up the nearest tree to avoid being eaten by the adults.  Komodo dragons have no mercy and are well-known for their cannibailstic behavior.
  • TNK is two days trip from Bali by land (and sea). And from Bali (Ngurah Rai Airport) to Komodo Airport is about 1.5 hours trip by air lane.

komodofromtheairKomodo Island-INS-komodo03


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