Exquisite Villas ~ The Beach House, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia

By Dian Hasan | September 2, 2009


The Beach House is a 4-bedroom ultra luxe villa that requires superlatives when describing it. Impossibly high ceilings coupled with direct ocean breeze, with “to-die-for” beach views. This fresh, absolute-beachfront Bali rental villa, is located on the sweeping Seminyak Beach and blessed with magnificent unobstructed views of the Indian Ocean. Seminyak is ground-zero for anything and everything chic in Bali, so fashionable dining spots, swanky boutiques and chill places are just a stone-throw away.

The Beach House-Seminyak-BALI-homepage-image-maskBEC-beach-houseBEC-The-Beach-House---Pool-and-beach-at-dawn
The revolutionary contemporary design presents Palimanan stone walls, teakwood panelling, and massive floor-to-rooftop sliding glass doors to maximise the panoramic vista.
The Beach House_Seminyak_BALI_tmb_bali-villa-the-beach-house-petitenget-27The Beach House_Seminyak_BALI_tmb_bali-villa-the-beach-house-petitenget-29The Beach House_Seminyak_BALI_tmb_bali-villa-the-beach-house-petitenget-30The Beach House_Seminyak_BALI_tmb_bali-villa-the-beach-house-petitenget-28The Beach House_Seminyak_BALI_tmb_bali-villa-the-beach-house-petitenget-26

Location: Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia
Number of Rooms: 4
Price Range: US$1,150 to US$1,975

Source: Unique Travel Destinations



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9 responses to “Exquisite Villas ~ The Beach House, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia

  1. larly

    That looks beautiful even though I prefer to get married in Tenerife

    • endangerededen

      Hi Larly, well you can always re-new your vows with your significant other and make your way to Bali! ha.. ha.. Thanks for finding us. Stay connected. ciao, dian

  2. larly

    You are welcome….

    I will go to Bali one day… and you should go and visit this magnificent French Castle – Château Hattonchâtel

  3. shekhar1066

    the beach resorts in bali are one of my favorite destination to spend my vacations…

  4. Aubrey Richards

    So I was just wondering how much about would a round trip 2 week vacation cost to stay at this place? Or is it like a house that you are supposed to buy because I can’t really tell. Is it even for sale? I think it looks like a nice place to stay or something.

    • endangerededen

      Hi Aubrey, sorry for the delayed response. Thank you for finding us! The Beach House is basically a hotel for rent, in the form of a full house. So you’d have to rent the house in its entirety. It’s not for sale and functions just like the exclusive villas that are so common across Bali. Hope that helps. Let me know if you require further info. ciao, dian – San Diego

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  6. Those photos make me wanna dive in! Anyway I have my mileage covering our trip to Bali 🙂 That was really awesome since finally we’d meet my sister’s fiance. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos.

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