Zorb will absorb your adrenaline! Dare you?

By Dian Hasan | September 5, 2009

Zorbing 3

What’s that alien-looking giant ball rolling downhill? And is that a person trapped inside of it? Welcome to Zorbing. And welcome to the capital of extreme sports and activities, New Zealand. This is what Kiwis do for fun!

ZORB, was created in the 1990’s in New Zealand, as a new adventure challenge. Based on a very simple philosophy, a rider is essentially strapped inside a giant clear plastic ball, and then rolled downhill.

Zorbing 1
Bizarre indeed, but it’s all good fun. Not for the fainthearted, it’s open to all all ages. You are guaranteed a ride of your life.

Let’s not forget this extreme sport does come from the same country that invented Bungy Jumping, and a host of other extreme activities, involving interesting contraptions.

What people do in the name of fun!
Zorbing 2
The Zorb is a gigantic polythene ball of 3-meter in diameter, containing which an inner capsule that is suspended into position by thousands of nylon strands of varying colors.
Zorbing 4
You have two choices of rides: Hydro (Wet) or Harness (Dry)! The Hydro is likened to being inside a washing machine, as you roll uncontrollably downhill. While the Harness is more extreme, one of you then does giant forward rolls down the hill, the other does backward rolls.
Zorbing 5
Zorbing started in New Zealand, and is now available in the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Estonia, Australia’s Gold Coast, Canada, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Japan, India, Thailand and Slovenia. And many more are in the pipeline.

Prices vary for different packages, starting at about $40/ride.

Source: Unique Travel Destinations



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  2. http://waterball.yalujj.com
    India, Thailand and Slovenia. And many more are in the pipeline.

    • endangerededen

      Thank you for the info. Where is Zorb Bali located? And is it already operational? Pls. advise. Thx, dian

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