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Where the Sea Goddess dwells ~ Parangtritis Beach, Central Java, Indonesia

Parangtritis Beach, Central Java. Photo: www.ikelah.files.wordpress.com

Parangtritis Beach, Central Java. Photo: http://www.ikelah.files.wordpress.com

Parangtritis beach, Yogyakarta, Central Java. A beach as famous for its sunsets as it is for its direct link to Javanese Sultans, mythology and lore. On the surface, the Javanese (and the rest of Indonesians) may profess as followers of any of the major world’s faith, whether Moslem, Christian, Buddhist or Hindu, but just under the surface the old belief-system is very much alive. It is said that one Javanese Sultan – Panembahan Senopati, who established the powerful Mataram Kingdom (before the arrival of Islam in the 15th century) – was married to Nyai Roro Kidul – the Goddess of the South Seas.

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