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G-Land, Java’s World-Acclaimed Reef Break

G-Land-photo G-Land Surf Camp

G-Land, East Java. Photo: G-Land Surf Camp

….G-Land. G-Spot. Gee-Whiz Land!.. a world famous wave that is definitely not overrated.. an awesome, overpowering arena..and, until exploitated, it will remain a prime destination of the surfing world, a place where surfers can come to live out a long awaited fantasy….

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Central Java’s magical Beaches ~ Myth, Lore, and the Queen of the South Sea

By Dian Hasan | September 13, 2009

Ngundap Beach, Southern Coast of Java, just outside Yogyakarta. Photo: www.pesonagunungkidul.com

Ngundap Beach, Southern Coast of Java, just outside Yogyakarta. Photo: http://www.pesonagunungkidul.com

Bali is Indonesia’s undisputed crown jewel of travel destinations, but that doesn’t take away the fact that her other islands are less interesting. Indonesia has MANY other islands – make that WAY MORE islands – thousands more actually, as the world’s largest Archipelago is home to over 17,000 islands (17,508 to be exact, according to Wikipedia). Although not all islands are inhabited, each has its own natural beauty.

Beaches, especially, come in all shapes and sizes, from black volcanic rock, karst and limestone-lined promontories, jaw-dropping cliffs, intricate series of underwater caves, white sandy beach of all imaginable hues, and a smattering of corals and boulders both under and above water. And swaying palm and coconut trees, the likes of what you’d see in postcards.

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