G-Land, Java’s World-Acclaimed Reef Break

G-Land-photo G-Land Surf Camp

G-Land, East Java. Photo: G-Land Surf Camp

….G-Land. G-Spot. Gee-Whiz Land!.. a world famous wave that is definitely not overrated.. an awesome, overpowering arena..and, until exploitated, it will remain a prime destination of the surfing world, a place where surfers can come to live out a long awaited fantasy….

Some recent comments by various surf media about G-Land, or Grajagan, a now legendary surf spot on the southeastern coast of Java. (Indonesia Surfing-Periplus Action Guide)

Exotic surf travel almost never has the kind of grace and logic that it does in magazines and movies. Beautiful, uncharted waves are out there, but its a long, tedious, sometimes dangerous job finding them. Only a few surfers ever sail out into the great unknown. This is why many people today think of Grajagan (G-Land), in southeast Java, not just as a perfect wave, but as a perfect adventure.

More than a name or a place, G-land is a haven. So close but yet so far from Bali, G-land is a magnet for swell and is definitely not overrated. The set up in G-land is simple, the relaxed atmosphere and pumping waves make for an experience like no other surf trip. Starting with the fact that its located at the edge of a jungle filled with birds, reptiles, insects and other creatures not found on the beaches of Sydney or Los Angeles.

G-Land is a long fast wave typical of most Indonesian waves, suggested surf board length at 68” 72 Gun” unless you surf like a top 44 contender, so bring a couple of Guns and your hot-dogger for the small days or down at 20/20s. You should bring at least 2 boards, Indonesian waves are powerful and its possible to break boards, so be prepared and bring at least two boards.

Spot information for surfing at G-land (taken from www.globalsurfers.com):

  • Type of break: reef break
  • Type of wave: fast wave
  • Direction: left hand
  • Bottom: coral
  • Average lenght of ride: long
  • Suitable for: expert level
  • Crowd level: a normal crowd
  • Best tide: mid
  • Ideal board size: 6′8-7′4 Mini gun
  • Ideal wind direction: north, west, south, east

Grajagan Bay, beckoning world surfers far and wide. Photo: www.rian-aditya.com

Grajagan Bay, beckoning world surfers far and wide. Photo: http://www.rian-aditya.com

Alas Purwo National Park, in G-Land's vicinity. Photo: www.rian-aditya.com

Alas Purwo National Park, in G-Land's vicinity. Photo: http://www.rian-aditya.com

Surfing is not the only attraction, as there is a nature reserve, Alas Purwo National Park, is just off the beach line. Open between March and November, Alas Purwo is home to wild animals such as Java’s endangered species, the Javanese Bull (Bos Javanicus), barking deer, wild pig, peacock, jungle fowl and many kind of birds. With an area of 434 sq. km., the park is made up of mangroves, savanna, lowland monsoon forests and of course, the world famous coral-fringed beaches that draw surfers from all corners of the globe.
Grazing endangered Javanese Wild Bull, Alas Purwo National Park.

Grazing endangered Javanese Wild Bull, Alas Purwo National Park.

A group of deer grazing at Alas Purwo National Park, East Java.

A group of deer grazing at Alas Purwo National Park, East Java.


Travel Tips
Condition of surrounding areas since the camp is exclusively situated near the jungle where there are big trees as well as many bushes spread out everywhere plus a humid air resulted by such natural circumstances. Accordingly , these could probably a proper habitat for mosquitoes that may unexpectedly lead to malaria disease. However, during this season actually there are seemingly very few mosquitoes found, as weather is quite dry. Yet, it’s still very much advisable for all guests to follow these helpful tips as:

  • Take an anti malarial Prophlactic medication (Chloroquiet Progvanil, Larium or Doxylycline).
  • Take measure against being bitten, e.g. by wearing a long shirt and trousers and mosquito nets anytime when sleeping.
  • In addition, at Jungle Surf Camp, the medical facilities are also equipped with emergency medical supplies like: detection first-aid kits for malaria along with proper treatment as well in case any guest get contacted with this disease.

    More importantly, the sun is very strong and hot, hence, bring enough sun block, protect your skin from sun-ray’s direct exposure which might be seve-rally causing any serious sun burn case. Besides, it is pretty useful to use hat, helmet with the visor, sun glasses especially in the late after-noon.

    Inspiration: The Heritage and Fascination of Indonesia


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