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Gone Fishing! Srai Beach, East Java, Indonesia

By Dian Hasan | September 15, 2009

Srau Beach-Pacitan-Eas Java

There’s of course coastline aplenty across Indonesia, the world’s biggest Archipelago. So when if you fancy some fishing, have rod and bait ready, and your only dilemma will be which beach to go for. Even in Java, which among the world’s most densely populated places, a beach you can call your own is not difficult to find. Offering respite and a breather from big city life. And whether its fishing or a mere walk on the beach that draws you to the coast, this beach will not disappoint. Srai Beach, just outside of Pacitan, East Java, near the Central Java border.

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Off-roading on two-wheels in Bali ~ low carbon footprint, high thrill factor.

Bali Trailblazers-2

Blazing Saddles, a new off-road biking company based in Bali offers enthusiasts some hilly thrills and tailor-made tours through some of the most stunning scenery in Asia.

The void between heading into the Balinese hills on your own bike, never to be seen again, and following a train of day-trippers freewheel downhill to the next cold towel stop has recently been filled. Over the past four years a small mountain biking outfit, Bali Trail Blazers, has been developing trails across the island’s mountainous heart, aimed at the more serious off-road biker who doesn’t mind the odd calf-swelling ascent or two.

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