Jaco Island ~ a slice of paradise in Timor Leste

By Dian Hasan | September 16, 2009

Jaco Island-TIMOR LESTE-tutualaJaco Island is an idyllic island in one of the world’s youngest nation (gained independence in 2002), Timor Leste. The country lies east of Bali, in the Lesser Sunda Islands. Formerly the last remaining Portuguese Colony in South East Asia, Timor Leste was known as East Timor when it was part of Indonesia (between 1979 – 2002).

Jaco Island-TIMOR LESTE-jako-beachJaco Island-TIMOR LESTE-secret-beach-atauro-timor
The tropical Jaco Island offers amazing natural landscapes – from majestic mountain ranges to grassy plains, from fabulous beaches to pristine coral reefs. The Island is part of the protected Nino Konis Santana National Park which is designated a protected natural reserve.
Jaco Island-TIMOR LESTE-ET_Tutuala_on_Jaco_Island_with_boat_sJaco Island.JPG
You can spend the time in bush walking, swimming and snorkeling in the pristine azure waters. The island covers an area of about 10 square km and is uninhabited. It is considered holy by the indigenous population, so setting foot on the island is forbidden. There are no accommodations but campers and hikers frequent the park.
Jaco Island-TIMOR LESTE-tutuala

Source: Unique Travel Destinations


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