The world’s caught a cabin fever. Green cabin, that is!

An eco-cabin near Seattle, WA.

An eco-cabin near Seattle, WA.

There’s a new trend emerging across the United States – eco cabins. Now, this isn’t what you’re thinking – some tent shack in the woods – it’s more of an experience that blends old with new, traditional styling with modern materials and design. Recently reported in the NY Times, these types of cabins are becoming more and more popular as people search for a retreat from their usual city routine. Author Michelle Kodis was quoted in the article saying:

“Given our busy, techno-heavy lives, people are seeking places where they can rejuvenate and connect to nature.”

That’s how we picture an ideal vacation, and for those people who don’t have their own eco-cabins, or just want to explore a new part of the world with this type of experience, there are quite a few places to look. There’s duPlooy’s inBelizeCrescent Valley Eco-Lodge in New Zealand, and Barahona Coralsol Resort in Dominican Republic. We’re looking forward to seeing more and more of these types of cabins becoming available around the world – what a way to experience local culture and appreciate all that nature has to offer!

Source: Whole Travel Blog


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