Escape to Paradise ~ Manda Bay, Manda Island, Kenya

By Dian Hasan | September 29, 2009

Manda Bay-Manda Island-KENYA 2The best island to dispel the myth that Africa is only about Safaris is Manda Island, one of a string of tropical isles that form Kenya’s Lamu Archipelago. Manda Bay is a stylish boutique beach hideaway, with 16 spacious Swahili cottages is designed to maximise the views and catch the cool sea breezes.

Manda Bay lies on the north western tip of Manda Island. The secluded bandas are set in amongst coconut palms, acacia and tamarind trees overlooking the sandy beaches and bay. The spacious cottages are designed in keeping with the local landscape, with large wooden beds, luxurious mosquito nets and ensuite bathrooms. There are plenty of activities on offer, including traditional Dhow sail boat sundowner cruises, windsurfing, kayaking, sailing & bird walks. Optional extra activities include snorkeling, scuba diving, motorized water sports, dhow charters, deep sea and creek fishing, boat trips to Lamu and spa treatments.

All cottages have large ceiling fans, en-suite bathrooms, and their own private veranda’s overlooking the Indian Ocean. There is a central dining room and bar area featuring locally crafted Lamu furniture. Overlooking the bay, a separate secluded lounge area provides the perfect place for unwinding over a cocktail or spend time relaxing by the pool.

Manda Bay-Manda Island-KENYA 11Manda Bay-Manda Island-KENYA 7Manda Bay-Manda Island-KENYA 3Manda Bay-Manda Island-KENYA 5Manda Bay-Manda Island-KENYA 4Manda Bay-Manda Island-KENYA 9

Manda Bay-Manda Island-KENYA 6Manda Bay-Manda Island-KENYA 14Manda Bay-Manda Island-KENYA 8Manda Bay-Manda Island-KENYA 15Manda Bay-Manda Island-KENYA 12

Source: Unique Travel Destinations


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