Eco Rustic ~ Fundu Lagoon, Pemba Island, Tanzania

By Dian Hasan | October, 2009

Fundu Lagoon-Pemba Island-TANZANIA 4Fundu Lagoon is located north of Zanzibar, just right on Pemba Island. This a secluded tropical paradise is an ideal place to disconnect from every day stress and routines and to start practice outdoor activities, such as boating and snorkeling, swimming and diving.

A stay at Fundu Lagoon gives you access to spectacular virgin beaches and the turquoise waters of the West Indian Ocean.

Fundu Lagoon-Pemba Island-TANZANIA 3Fundu Lagoon-Pemba Island-TANZANIA 7Fundu Lagoon-Pemba Island-TANZANIA 8Fundu Lagoon-TANZANIA-Diving SchoolFundu Lagoon-TANZANIA-Diving School 2

Very impressive is that the island is accessible only by boat, Fundu Lagoon is a remote resort nestled on the nearly unspoilt, tropical isle of Pemba, in Tanzania. Immersed in beautiful tropical settings, this resort’s natural design integrates perfectly into the gorgeous scenery that surrounds it.

Fundu Lagoon-Pemba Island-TANZANIA 1Fundu Lagoon-Pemba Island-TANZANIA 5

The resort itself boasts modern facilities which are certain to make your stay a fun and enjoyable experience. Among these, you will find an open-sided restaurants and bars. There is alsso beautiful infinity pool overlooking the Indian Ocean with poolside spa treatments and beauty treatments. Dive 7/10 is a fully equipped diving centre, with trips to nearby Misali Island for snorkeling.

Fundu Lagoon-Pemba Island-TANZANIA 2

Fundu Lagoon-Pemba Island-TANZANIA 6
Fundu Lagoon-Pemba Island-TANZANIA 9

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