Exquisite Villas ~ Villa Emerald River, Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

BEC-Villa Emerald River -Canggu-BALI-Emerald River (32)

A distinctive design statement of clean modern lines fused into Bali’s open plan architecture, amid a melange of teak wood to signify the tropical setting of this stunner of a Luxe Villa.

Villa Emerald River, located in Canggu near Seminyak, the epicenter of fashionable Bali, with its chic nightlife. As if you’d need external distractions to lure you away from this heavenly villa.
BEC-Villa Emerald River-Canggu-BALI-Villa Emerald River00000000491BEC-Villa Emerald River -Canggu-BALI-emerald_river_villaBEC-Villa Emerald River -Canggu-BALI-Emerald River (33)

The 4-bedroom Villa Emerald River certainly ranks top for its looks. From a design perspective, with its magnificent horizon pool that seems to reflect all the hues of the sun, to the latest in technology and modern gadgets. With its personalized service, Villa Emerald River offers the comforts of home in a luxurious setting.

BEC-Villa Emerald River-Canggu-BALI-Villa Emerald River00000000492BEC-Villa Emerald River-Canggu-BALI-villa-emerald01BEC-Villa Emerald River-Canggu-BALI-villa-emerald-river00000000493
The beach is a mere 300 meters away, affording a sea view from the villa. The 4 bedroom-villa of 620 sqm comprises 3 different 2-story buildings, linked on the 2nd floor by a large terrace from where guests can watch the glorious Balinese sunsets.
BEC-Villa Emerald River -Canggu-BALI-Emerald River (10)BEC-Villa Emerald River -Canggu-BALI-Emerald River (3)
The manicured garden features landscaping with plants native to Bali and lava stones in the pool surrounding the building that is oriented toward the bedrooms.

BEC-Villa Emerald River-Canggu-BALI-Villa Emerald River00000000494BEC-Villa Emerald River-Canggu-BALI-Villa Emerald River00000000495
Villa Emerald River was conceived by leading Balinese Architect, Yoka Sara whose vocabulary of modern design stays true to the Balinese heritage, with the use of traditional materials such as wooden slate roof, terrazzo, and merbau parquet floor.
Location: Canggu, Bali, Indonesia
Number of Roomso: 4
Price Range: from US$650 to US$1,000

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