Chic & Sleek | Mosquito Beach, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

By Dian Hasan | May 16, 2010

Mosquito Blue, a quintessential boutique hotel in what is arguably Mexico’s best-kept secret, Playa del Carmen. This bohemian beach town is a perfect home for Mosquito Blue, a unique blend of traditional Yucatan look with Balinese and Mediterranean touches, resulting in an eclectic fusion of styles.

Standard rooms are cozy and rather dark, in the Spanish style, on the principle that there’s more than enough sunshine outside. If you’re dying to bathe in natural light, then a Deluxe with an outdoor patio — or one of the bright and airy suites — might be more your speed. In any case, the rooms and suites are handsome, spare but not minimalist, comfortable but stopping well short of flash luxury.

The Glass Bar is not just a bar but a restaurant as well, serving Mexican and Mediterranean cuisine. Here you’re rather closer to Playa del Carmen’s nightlife than to the beach (itself just a very short walk away), which suits this adults-only getaway just fine. Diversions include two quiet and child-free pools and a fairly lavishly equipped spa, and there’s a private beach a few minutes farther down the road for when you’re after a measure of privacy.


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