Indo ~ on every global surfer dude’s travel wish list…

By Dian Hasan | May 16, 2010

Among the global surfing community (the real surfers that is, NOT the web surfers!), Indonesia has long been known as the ultimate surfer’s destination, with the greatest variety and most consistent waves to delight any surfer. And “Goin’ surfin’ to Indo” is a common phrase that translates well within the surfing community.

Comfortably accommodating surfers of any level of proficiency, but it is for the intermediate and advanced surfers where Indonesia and her abundant islands – each with their own surf characteristic – truly beckons.

Padang Padang, Bali, Indonesia. Photo: Jason Childs

With its dramatic scenery of high-rising limestone cliffs overlooking a turquoise ocean of pumping barrels, Padang Padang was voted one of the world’s top-ten waves.

Padang in two words: power and fear. It’s one of Bali’s most dangerous and hollowest wave. The final bowl is an obligatory tube. In short: Tube at the take-off, then speed, speed, speed and the ledgey final tube section.

Inspiration: Surf Music


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