A retreat with a true green heart ~ Isla Verde Hotel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

By Dian Hasan | May 29, 2010

In our modern world of today, where trends come and go, there are some trends that we’ll unanimously agree are here to stay. The green movement! The eco-oriented approach to our immediate environment and communities that we can potentially touch. And in the world of travel and tourism, this is best embodied through eco hotels and resorts.

And there are those hotels that position themselves as eco hotels, but only a few have green hearts to the core. Isla Verde Hotel that embraces the stunning Lake Atitlan in Guatemala is one such hotel. Minimal carbon footprint and optimum local sourcing seem to be the two strongest traits in its stance against what a little hotel can do.

The hotel was built virtually from all locally sourced building materials, some of them recycled. Alternative energy are utilized wherever possible, all hotel food is made from scratch. Don’t expect to find TVs in your room, for entertainment comes from socializing with fellow hotel guests in the common areas, overlooking the serene beauty of volcanoes that seem to rise from the lake.

It is also where I came across novel ideas I’ve never heard about: Eco-Weddings and Eco-Meetings, celebrations and gatherings that attempt to do more for the environment and communities for travelers who seek to give more than they take.

Isla Verde Hotel provides the perfect retreat for the weary urban mind and soul, and rejuvenates it through eco knowledge, as well as Yoga, and Spa Treatments that are inspired by the local people’s healing traditions. Other activities include hiking, kayaking, exploring the lake’s beauty, cultural excursions and immersion in the local customs.

Getting there is half the fun:

From Antigua or Guatemala City there are shuttles to Panajachel, the main town on Lake Atitlan (go to TransportGuatemala.com). Ask to be dropped off at the Tzanjuyu dock. There you can get a public “taxi boat” ($2) or a private boat ($12) to Santa Cruz (about 15 minutes by boat) and have them take you directly to the Isla Verde dock, 400m past the Santa Cruz dock. Leave your bags there and we will have them brought to your room. If you need any further directions please e-mail us below and we will be happy to help you.

Isla Verde Hotel comprises several independent cabins and two brand new suites which are set into the hillside so they all have a breahtakng view of the lake. It requires a little walk to reach all the villas, but a stroll well worth it.

Hotel Isla Verde
Santa Cruz la Laguna



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2 responses to “A retreat with a true green heart ~ Isla Verde Hotel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

  1. Looks like a gorgeous place! been to the lake many times and heard Isla Verde is really eco-oriented

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