Get your Kite Surfing adrenaline fix in Paradise

By Dian Hasan | July 6, 2010

Kite-surfing is the newest baby of water sports that is fasts gaining popularity across the world, including Indonesia.

Naturally, Indonesia’s premier vacation destination, Bali, attracted the kite surfing crowd first, with the establishment of Bali Kite Surf and Blue Oasis Beach Club a few years ago. Kite Surfing areas in Bali are spread across the island, at either beach or lagoon locations.

But die-hard kite surfers venture eastward to the islands of Lombok and Sumbawa, the latter which is considered to be the destination of choice.

Already renowned among the surfing crowd as among the world’s best surfing destinations, for its consistent waves at Lakey point, Sumbawa now beckons kite surfers with its excellent and consistent wind.

Ketut, one of the IKO-licensed instructors at Bali Kite Surf [L]. Nothing brings the day to a close after an enthralling day of kitesufing like an ice-cold Bintang!

For more information on kite surfing lessons and excursions, contact Bali Kite Surf, Blue Oasis Beach Club, and Bali Kitesurfing School.

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