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Green & Chic | Nemberala Beach Resort, Roti Island, Timor, East Indonesia

By Dian Hasan | July 6, 2010

Timor’s famed T-Land, a haven for Goofy-footers.

If the word “Roti” makes you think of the words “round”, “flat”, and “Indian” you are two-thirds correct.

Roti is a small island in the Nusa Tengarra region of Indonesia, southwest of Timor and a very different world away from the increasingly overrun surfing areas of Bali, Sumatra and the Maldives. On the southwest side of the island, the Nemberala Beach Resort is offering thoroughly modern tropical lodging with access to a half dozen, top-quality reefs – classically Indonesian waves where, even in this crowded, modern world, the surfer can still seek the perfect wave on the perfect day and be alone with the surf and his thoughts.

Nemberala Left is the main break fronting the resort and the premier wave in this region of Indonesia.  The break is also known as T-Land by some given its similarities to the  famous wave on Java G-Land.  Nemberala is definitely a softer and more “user friendly” wave then its namesake.

The nation of Timor has a long, interesting and sometimes troubled history. Timor is where Captain Bligh ended his impossible, 3600-mile crossing in a small boat after the mutiny on the Bounty in 1789. (If the photos have already sold you and you are packing for Roti and need a good book, the Bounty Trilogy is fascinating, and appropriate to the area.)

Timor had been divided between the Dutch and the Portuguese for many centuries. Japanese forces occupied the whole island from 1942 to 1945. In 1975, the nation of Indonesia annexed East Timor and was proclaimed Indonesia’s 27th province. After a prolonged guerilla war East Timor won independence in 2002.

Trouble and strife but there is no reason to be timorous about this corner of Timor. Roti is only 20 miles from the mainland but far removed from the past violent nation-making on the main island. Roti is southwest of Timor and the Nemberala resort is on the southwest side of the island, facing into all that world-famous, well-traveled swell which starts in the turbulent storms of the Southern Ocean, organizes itself as it crosses into the Indian Ocean and arrives 4000 miles later on the reefs of Roti, falling gracefully on a half dozen perfect reef setups. Continue reading


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Eco Rustic | Awera Island Guesthouse, Awera Island, Mentawai, Indonesia

By Dian Hasan | July 6, 2010

Surrounded by world-class waves, rainforest and coral reefs, the Awera Island Guesthouse is a small, comfortable and affordable accommodation option for surfers who just can’t wait to get their hands on the waves of the Mentawai Islands.

Awera Island is located within 30 minutes longboat ride of more than 10 quality waves, including the world class Telescopes, which is only 10 minutes away.

With a maximum of 5 or 6 guests at any one time we offer an unmatched opportunity to surf these waves with the fewest possible people.

Larger groups of 4 to 6 also have the option of upgrading to a faster speedboat with a much greater range, this allows guests at Awera to access every wave in the Playgrounds region right down to Lances and beyond. With a top speed of well over 40 knots “Lina” can have you surfing anywhere from Lances to Bugerworld in as little as 45 minutes.

For those who aren’t into surfing, can always resort to fishing, snorkeling and spearfishing. Continue reading


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Calling all avid surfers ~ your perfect wave awaits in Mentawai!

By Dian Hasan | July 6, 2010

Surfers the world over consider Indonesia as among the world’s ultimate surfing destinations, on par even with Hawaii. Being home to the world’s largest archipelago, Indonesia would not disappoint, having the perfect wave for a surfer of any level.

And for the die-hard surfer junkies, the jewel in Indo’s surfing is Mentawai, bar none! A small archipelago off the west coast of Sumatra, Mentawai faces the Indian Ocean to its west. All awaiting your discovery at Awera Island Resort, an eco-rustic retreat on an idyllic island.

Here’s a look at a menu of Mentawai waves that would make any surfer salivate.

Although the Mentawai Islands are home to a few massive swells of 10-foot plus that hit the islands every season, the truth is that the waves are more likely to be in the 3- to 6-foot  range. Whether you’re seeking shallow barreling waves or more cruisy waves with long workable walls, there is a wave just for you.


Telescopes is a fun wave suitable for all standards of surfing when it is small offering little cover ups but on bigger days it offers one of the longest, straightest, barrels in the Mentawais. 10 min by boat.


“Scarecrows” or “Diablos”, is another quality left that usually has a little more size and few less people on it than “Telescopes”. While it needs a bit of east in the wind to straighten it up but it is easily one of the most rippable waves in the region. 25 min by boat. Continue reading

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Cukang Taneuh, West Java’s green canyon of natural splendor

By Dian Hasan | July 6, 2010

The natural wonder known as Green Canyon (known locally as Cukang Taneuh) is located 30km northwest of the beach resort of Pangandaran in West Java.

The canyon is a narrow gorge, formed by a river cutting through soft limestone rocks. The edges rise up to 20m above the water, always casting a shadow that keeps the gorge cool the entire day.

The name comes from the green moss that covers the rocks, and was actually a term coined by a French tourist in the early 1990s. Green moss covers the rocks hence the name “Green Canyon.”

The most stunning sight is at the end of the gorge, as it gets too narrow for boats to pass through. Behold a natural limestone bridge that spans the gorge and with hanging stalactites from the ceiling, dripping with water. A dip in the fresh cool water is always an option many choose to take.

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Surf Chic | Java Cove Beach Hotel, Batu Karas, West Java, Indonesia

By Dian Hasan | July 6, 2010

Indonesia has been on the world’s best-kept secret surf destination for years. Today, thanks to the explosion of social media and the internet, that secret is steadily coming out of the bag. And Indonesia is being discovered like never before.

And it’s her natural beauty that is getting the most attention. Intrepid adventure travelers from far and wide in search of the perfect wave, the best diving spot, the most grueling rapids, or the most scenic hike, are coming to explore the world’s largest archipelago.

Bali, after all, is not the her only lure. For there are over 16,000 other islands (well, discount the bulk of those that are uninhabited). So, one is literally spoiled for choice. And yes, they say that seek and ye shall find, that’s should be the motto in searching for nature at its most pristine, away from the well-trodden tourist paths.

Surfers and divers know that better than anyone else! One such surfing spot is in Batu Karas, southeast of West Java province, approximately seven-hour drive from the capital Jakarta.

Surfers have been drawn to the southern coast of West Java for quite some time surfing in areas like Ujung Genteng, west of Batu Karas.

Until recently accommodation was limited to a few locally -run homestays, but that was before the arrival JavaCove Beach Hotel, a small gem of a lad-back modern-styled hotel a stone throw from the beach.

Serene scenes in and around Batu Karas, the right place to catch the perfect wave.

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