Calling all avid surfers ~ your perfect wave awaits in Mentawai!

By Dian Hasan | July 6, 2010

Surfers the world over consider Indonesia as among the world’s ultimate surfing destinations, on par even with Hawaii. Being home to the world’s largest archipelago, Indonesia would not disappoint, having the perfect wave for a surfer of any level.

And for the die-hard surfer junkies, the jewel in Indo’s surfing is Mentawai, bar none! A small archipelago off the west coast of Sumatra, Mentawai faces the Indian Ocean to its west. All awaiting your discovery at Awera Island Resort, an eco-rustic retreat on an idyllic island.

Here’s a look at a menu of Mentawai waves that would make any surfer salivate.

Although the Mentawai Islands are home to a few massive swells of 10-foot plus that hit the islands every season, the truth is that the waves are more likely to be in the 3- to 6-foot  range. Whether you’re seeking shallow barreling waves or more cruisy waves with long workable walls, there is a wave just for you.


Telescopes is a fun wave suitable for all standards of surfing when it is small offering little cover ups but on bigger days it offers one of the longest, straightest, barrels in the Mentawais. 10 min by boat.


“Scarecrows” or “Diablos”, is another quality left that usually has a little more size and few less people on it than “Telescopes”. While it needs a bit of east in the wind to straighten it up but it is easily one of the most rippable waves in the region. 25 min by boat.

Ombak Tidur (Sleeping Wave)

Just a few hundred metres from icelands this is the most consistent right hander in the region. 5 min by boat.


Frontskis or Suicides as it is known by some of the local surfers sits right at the front of Awera. This wave can offer some fun waves on a high tide or if you are lucky enough to catch it on a big west swell it transforms into one of the longest rights in Indonesia.


Icelands is a left that is considered one of the big wave spots of the Mentawais as it can hold a swell of up to 5m without too much trouble. It’s best with a bit of easterly wind so it changes by the hour. It can also offer a few fun rights on a small day. 5 min by boat.

Tikus (Rat)

When Telescopes is double overhead tikus is a great wave that will be overhead and super fun, this side of the islands offer some great options for surfers not willing to risk life and limb on big days.


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