Cukang Taneuh, West Java’s green canyon of natural splendor

By Dian Hasan | July 6, 2010

The natural wonder known as Green Canyon (known locally as Cukang Taneuh) is located 30km northwest of the beach resort of Pangandaran in West Java.

The canyon is a narrow gorge, formed by a river cutting through soft limestone rocks. The edges rise up to 20m above the water, always casting a shadow that keeps the gorge cool the entire day.

The name comes from the green moss that covers the rocks, and was actually a term coined by a French tourist in the early 1990s. Green moss covers the rocks hence the name “Green Canyon.”

The most stunning sight is at the end of the gorge, as it gets too narrow for boats to pass through. Behold a natural limestone bridge that spans the gorge and with hanging stalactites from the ceiling, dripping with water. A dip in the fresh cool water is always an option many choose to take.

The easiest way to get  here is to book a trip in Pangandaran. Any guesthouse should be able to book a trip for around Rp.100,000/person (approx US$11 Rp per person. Another option is to check with travel agents around the beach area.

But the most recommended route is to stick with the area’s best hotel, JavaCove Beach Hotel, a modern and comfortable small inn run by two Australian expats. Make this delightful hotel your base and arrange through the hotel to visit the Green Canyon. get arrangements.

Trips are normally made with a minibus. After early morning pick-up, the first itinerary normally includes a visit to a local home industry. In our case it was Krupuk (Indonesian crispy shrimp crackers) , followed by a performance of wayang golek (traditional wooden marionettes from West Java). These differ from the is Central Javanese version of  wayang kulit which are made of raw hide, used in shadow puppet performance.


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