Surf Chic | Java Cove Beach Hotel, Batu Karas, West Java, Indonesia

By Dian Hasan | July 6, 2010

Indonesia has been on the world’s best-kept secret surf destination for years. Today, thanks to the explosion of social media and the internet, that secret is steadily coming out of the bag. And Indonesia is being discovered like never before.

And it’s her natural beauty that is getting the most attention. Intrepid adventure travelers from far and wide in search of the perfect wave, the best diving spot, the most grueling rapids, or the most scenic hike, are coming to explore the world’s largest archipelago.

Bali, after all, is not the her only lure. For there are over 16,000 other islands (well, discount the bulk of those that are uninhabited). So, one is literally spoiled for choice. And yes, they say that seek and ye shall find, that’s should be the motto in searching for nature at its most pristine, away from the well-trodden tourist paths.

Surfers and divers know that better than anyone else! One such surfing spot is in Batu Karas, southeast of West Java province, approximately seven-hour drive from the capital Jakarta.

Surfers have been drawn to the southern coast of West Java for quite some time surfing in areas like Ujung Genteng, west of Batu Karas.

Until recently accommodation was limited to a few locally -run homestays, but that was before the arrival JavaCove Beach Hotel, a small gem of a lad-back modern-styled hotel a stone throw from the beach.

Serene scenes in and around Batu Karas, the right place to catch the perfect wave.

The surprising JavaCove Beach Hotel, a welcome addition to much-needed modern accommodation for surfers and nature lovers alike.

Batu Hiu (Shark Rock) is the highest point at Batu Karas beach.

The 14-room JavaCove Beach Hotel is the brainchild of two Aussie expats who challenged themselves to bring modern accommodation for surfers and holiday seekers, worthy Batu Karas’ natural beauty.  Located in the relaxed coastal village of Batu Karas on the South coast of West Java, 35 kms from the Pangandaran beach. JavaCove Beach Hotel is located across a village road from a tree-lined beach bordered by jungle covered headlands.

Batu Karas is a place for those in search of a laid-back holiday where one can everything or nothing at all. Explore a national park teeming with jungle life; surf fun warm water waves; slow cruise in a canoe through emerald green river gorges (Green Canyon/Cukang Taneuh); swim in crystal clear waterfalls; take in a shadow puppet show in a quaint village setting. Or simply curl up in a hammock with a good book…

The natural splendor around Batu Karas, home to Green Canyon (Cukang Taneuh). Slow boat ride to appreciate nature at its best.

There’s no pool at JavaCove Beach Hotel, however the beach is only metres away. The waves roll across the outside section of the sand bottom bay, with safe swimming areas in the protected cove.



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  2. wuaaaa i have to go there..

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